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Sony VPL-VW600ES 4K Projector - Calibration

Posted on March 9, 2014 by Art Feierman

Sony VPL-VW600ES General Settings

VPL-VW600ES Calibration Settings - General
Setting Reference TV Cinema Film 1 Cinema Film 2 User
Contrast (Max) Max Max Max Max Max
Brightness (50) 50 53 53 53 50
Color (sat) (50) 50 50 53 50 50
Tint (50) 50 50 50 50 50
Color Temp D65 D75 D65 D65 D65
Color Space BT.709 CS1 CS3 CS3 BT.709
Gamma Off 2.4 G8 Off Off
Iris (Dyn Cntl) Off Full Full Limited Off
Iris (Brightness) Max Max Max 70 Max


VPL-VW600ES Calibration Settings - General
Setting Photo Bright Cinema Bright TV Game
Contrast (Max) Max Max Max Max
Brightness (50) 50 52 52 52
Color (sat) 50 50 50 55
Tint (50) 50 50 50 50
Color Temp D55 D75 D75 D65
Color Space BT.709 CS3 CS2 CS3
Gamma Off G9 G10 G9
Iris (Dyn Cntl) Off Full Full Off
Iris (Brightness) Max Max Max Max

In the tables shown here, User is based on Reference.  However, Color Space 3 is used in the calibration process, as it can be adjusted.   In the real world of viewing, we used User mode, post adjustment, and turned on the Dynamic iris to Full, and with Iris Brightness to Max.

Settings shown in ( ) or those which are the same as the settings in the Setting column are the defaults.  Lamp is set to full power (High) unless otherwise noted.

Color Temp over IRE range, Best Mode (Reference)
IRE Temperature (Kelvin)
100 6399
80 6474
50 6355
30 6242

For your convenience we've repeated here, the basic color temp at four points from white to dark gray.  These are pre-calibration.

Below we provide the RGB settings to balance the grayscale to the correct D65 (6500K) with red, green, and blue in the proper balance.

It should be noted that we do one additional level of calibration, which is to calibrate the individual colors themselves.  This is often referred to as a CMS calibration (color management system).

As is typical, that means adjusting the Hue, Saturation, and Brightness of each of the primary and secondary colors.

That information, or rather those settings can be found on the Advanced Calibration page, one of the pages of this review.  Please note, though that that page is only accessible to our paid subscribers.  That's the case for all the projectors we've calibrated in the last year.  Prior to then, we did not perform calibration of the individual colors.   As we contract out to Mike as our calibrator, we pay a good deal more per projector for adding that aspect of the calibration.

The annual subscriber fee is our attempt to cover the cost of this extra info, as well as some of the additional videos and other features.  We think most of you enthusiasts will find the annual fee well worth it.

VPL-VW600ES Grayscale Calibration

Sony VW600ES Calibration - Grayscale
Custom Color Space 3
Gain R=-2
G= 0
Bias R= 0
G= 0
B= 3

Edit Color Space 3, putting in these settings.  Select Color Space 3 for User (if you haven't already).   These changes will affect any modes where you select Color Space 3.  From a default basis, Cinema Film 1, Bright Cinema, and Game all default to Color Space 3.  In each case this should result in a net improvement, at least for the grayscale balance.

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