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Sony VPL-VW600ES 4K Projector: Performance 2

Posted on March 4, 2014 by Art Feierman

VPL-VW600ES 4K and Sharpness Demonstration

Above in the first photo player, you'll find both 1080p and 4K photo pairs.  One is basically uncropped, the other far more so.  Remember, that even if you expand our images they are only 1000 pixels wide, barely half of a 1080p image.  That's why the close ups.

With 4K content, even the highly cropped image isn't showing the content at full resolution.  That said, you can tell the difference between 1080p and 4K content, all of which is more detailed than any less expensive projector.

The one exception to that is the last pair (Bellatrix from Harry Potter), where the close-up is a very small area of her outfit, perhaps only 1 or 2% of the whole projected frame.  Look at the close-up of that one, and then move back and you'll barely be able to spot the material detail that you were just looking at.

Additional Sharpness / Detail Images

The first three images are 4K source material - Ultra HD, the fourth (skier) is 1080i, and the last image is 1080p.  The second image is a heavily cropped part of a lizard's skin.  Vibrant colors. Combination of brightness, rich colors, and 4K resolution is a definite wow!

Sharpness and Detail

Our usual PS3 icon. Remember, this is 1080p, not Ultra-HD 4K.
Epson's G6900WU high power media room projector
JVC's 2nd best
Sony's flagship 4K projector, the VW1000ES
Sony's VPL-HW55ES ($3500)
BenQ W1070 a sub $1000 single chip DLP projector
Mid-tier JVC projector ($4999)
Panasonic PT-AE8000U
Typical Epson UB series projector (up to $3500)

VPL-VW600ES Lens Throw Information

We provide (as usual) the placement distance for this projector, to fill a 100", 16:9 diagonal screen.  It's easy enough for you to use that info to figure out the throw range for any sized screen.  The distance is measured from the front of the lens, perpendicularly to the screen.


VPL-VW600ES Throw Distances for 100" Diagonal Screen
 Closest (Wide-angle) 10 foot 1 inch
Furthest (Telephoto) 20 foot 7 inches

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