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ViewSonic LS620X Short Throw Laser Projector Review – Performance

ViewSonic LS620X Short Throw Laser Projector Review – Performance: Brightness, Contrast, Audible Noise


Color Mode Lumens
Brightest 3222
Brightest - ECO 2273
Dynamic 2988
Standard 2925
sRGB 2221
Movie 1927

The ViewSonic LS620X claims 3,200 lumens.  The vast majority of business and education projectors on the market miss their target by 25%, being less bright than what was advertised.  ViewSonic did not disappoint, with the brightest mode, called “Brightest,” of course, measured in a 3,222 lumens – that’s 22 lumens better than advertised!  While 22 lumens doesn’t make any notable difference, I do have to say: Bravo, ViewSonic, Bravo!

Now, what we’re really concerned with here is performance.  Can it perform the duties it was intended for?  As far as brightness goes, there is no question.  My kids have proven this time and time again by playing their video games, during the day, with the windows and doors open, letting all sorts of light into the living room.  We have a bearded dragon in the living room next to the screen, and his desert terrarium lighting spills directly onto the screen from the right; a window and sliding glass door let light in on the left.  While black is completely lost, you can tell what it is supposed to be and colors aren’t as washed out as we’ve seen on with many other units.

To illustrate how this projector cuts through ambient light, the image below was taken at night with the curtains drawn, shades closed and lights off, followed by one with the overhead lights on – including two lights directly above the screen.  These two photos, like all the others showing video and presentation content, we taken in Standard Mode.

Dynamic Mode measured in at 2,988 lumens, but I found color to be a little too green, similar-to-but-not-as-bad as Brightest Mode, and as such should probably only be used in times of desperation.

Standard mode had some pretty awesome color, and I was thrilled it measured in at 2,988 lumens – that’s really good for a color mode providing good color on a DLP projector, especially when its advertised lumens are 3,200.  We’re talking a difference of 212 lumens less than claim for good color – that’s less than 7% below claim.  I’m very happy with this measurement.

sRGB mode was the next, at 2,221 lumens and a noticeably warmer color.  Movie mode was also quite warm, and measured in at only 1,927 lumens.  Again, a little too warm, especially in skin tones, but not bad overall.

Brightest Mode in ECO brightness comes in at 2,273 lumens, which is pretty bright for ECO, and plenty bright to combat some moderate ambient light scenarios, but wouldn’t be my first choice due to the poor color quality.  If you want brightness, and good color quality, stick with Standard.

The ViewSonic LS620X is a fixed focal length projector, so to adjust image size the projector’s position needs to be physically adjusted toward or away from the screen.  Image sizes between 60 and 150 inches are possible with a throw distance between 2.4 and 6.1 feet.  Keep in mind that, as the projected area gets larger, image brightness will be reduced – so if ambient light is your concern, keeping the image as small as practical will best combat the effects of lighting.


The ViewSonic LS620X claims a contrast ratio of 100,000:1.  Now that we have that out of the way, we aren’t too concerned with the contrast ratio claims of projector manufactures – and there are some really outlandish claims out there!  We don’t measure contrast, what we want to know is: How black is black?  Can we tell that something is supposed to be black?

The LS620X does a pretty good job of making black appear black.  But it’s not perfect – that’s ok though, it isn’t a home theater projector, after-all!  I am definitely happy with the black levels as far as a conference room/classroom projector go.  If you need something with significantly better black levels, you’re not going to find it in this price range.

Journey To Space ViewSonic LS620X

Audible Noise

ViewSonic does not list a noise rating for their LS620X.  While the noise is noticeable, it’s not distracting by any means.  Eco Mode renders the projector effectively silent.  There are two exhaust fans located on the projector’s left side that blow a significant amount of air, but nothing louder than what you would expect from a modern laptop with relatively quiet fans.  Any noise from this projector will likely go unnoticed a ceiling or wall mounted installation.

That’s it for our discussion on the performance of this short throw laser projector.  The last a final page is next, where we wrap it all up in a Summary and a list of pros and cons.  We’ll have a recap of images in this review illustrating picture and text quality  to help you decide if the ViewSonic LS620X meets your needs for an XGA projector.

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