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ViewSonic LS700HD Laser DLP Home Projector Review - Picture Quality

Posted on October 23, 2020 by Philip Boyle

ViewSonic LS700HD Home Projector Review – Picture Quality: Out-of-the-Box Picture Quality, Skin Tones, HDTV and Sports, Black Level & Shadow Detail, Brightness, Audio Noise, Audio Quality and Resolution


The ViewSonic LS700HD offers a ton of features and killer brightness at its $1500 price point and that’s the idea here. The LS700HD is not going to compete with a high end home theater projector, but for what you get from the LS700HD, it's pretty good. During this review process, I’ve thought several times that this projector clearly has its roots in the business market and has been adapted for the home theater segment. When you look at the preset performance in the out of the box modes, I think you’ll agree. If not, then let me know.

The LS700HD is a jack of “some '' trades. In dynamic and standard mode, it projects an exceptionally bright image in rooms where there is some uncontrolled ambient light. The bright image combined with the high saturation of colors is very useful if you're not planning on investing in black out curtains.

To start with, the overall tone of the projector leans towards red and warm, not a surprising fact when you consider that it is a DLP projector.

Movie Mode looked pretty good on Captain America: The First Avenger when Steve meets the Red Skull for the first time. The colors popped on Hela in Thor: Ragnarok. Reds were very pronounced as you can see on the basketball footage I captured. Almost too oversaturated, but for those who like this (which is plenty of people) it will be just fine.

In general, most scenes from the films and TV shows I viewed, while covered in an overall warm tone, looked good if not entirely color accurate. Standard Mode seems to be a good one as well. Since it’s brighter, it may be what you want to use for daytime viewing.


The photo above will give you an idea of the color each picture mode produces. In actuality, the photos above look slightly better than the image viewed by the naked eye. The first are shots of a skin tone test image showing the different preset modes. Also included is a variety of screenshots showing skin tones under different scene lighting.


Most TV shows and live broadcasts will continue to be produced in HD for several more years and since the LS700HD is a native 1080P projector, content at this resolution looks best. Whether I was watching 720P sports from ESPN or 1080p Blu-ray Disc content, it all looked very good.

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