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Viewsonic PJD6544w Projector Review Special Features

Posted on April 16, 2014 by Art Feierman
PJD6544w PROJECTOR - SPECIAL FEATURES PAGE 2: Media Player, Wireless Networking, Wired Networking, 3D Capabilities  

Special Features

There are some must-have features that a classroom or business projector shouldn’t hit the sales rack without. Versatile connectivity for Android, iOS,  and PC’s are crucial or one shouldn’t bother with the sale.

Step by step, here they all are.  The PJD6544w is capable of WiFi connection and can access images and files from either iOS or Android devices.  It also has wireless type A an B mouse features. Wireless internet connection is something more projectors should have but don’t.  This has become an essential element of interactive classroom presentations and inter-office planning and it should not be limited to higher end product; we all need this. It can connect to your Android/iOS live-cam instantly.  It can  connect up to 4-projectors and show them simultaneously via its LAN connection.  A huge benefit for presenters on the go is the PJD6544w’s capability for running a USB drive straight from the port. This cuts out the middle man for media players and all the extra stuff you could do without.  Its Live Draw function allows real time note taking onto the projected image. It can then be saved onto various smart devices. Lastly, it is interactive with Crestron’s Roomview® network  management systems.

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