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Viewsonic PJD6544w Projector Review - Summary

Posted on April 16, 2014 by Art Feierman


The end result of my experience with this is that when you need a reliable tool for the job,  Viewsonic really pulled through here with flying colors.

The PJD6544w pulls its weight and is ideal for classrooms and business applications. The brightness is more than sufficient for most classrooms and training facilities. The 16 watt speaker projects sound in a manner that makes it agreeably audible.  I used this in my own conference rooms with great results.  While color is overall pretty good, like almost all DLP projectors colors - particularly reds and yellows leave something to be desired when using the brightest modes.  That typically is more of a problem for DLP projectors than LCD projectors, but then, you typically (not always) get more white lumens, in a smaller, less expensive box, than with 3LCD.  When you switch the Viewsonic to best modes such as Movie, you give up a lot of lumens, but have a superior image.  All considered, the PJD6544W, does produce good brightness for the money, in those better looking modes, or lots of brightness with less great color accuracy.

Consider the the PJD-6544w to be an excellent value for the price.  It definitely earns one of our Hot Product awards.  A better DLP in its price range, with as good a warranty is going to be very hard to find!

Although I did have some fun  playing around with it on movie mode, I really appreciated its user-friendly format when using it in the workplace.  It does not have the benefits of a short throw but the standard projector throw has its own advantages. For those of you educators interested in a good product, keep in mind that this model has smart network capabilities. This means that the PJD6544w is capable of WiFi connection and can access images and files from either iOS or Android  devices.  This Viewsonic can connect  to your Android/iOS live-cam  or even connect up to 4-computers and show them simultaneously via its LAN connection, (when the network supports such capabilities).  For quick presentations, it can run a USB drive directly through its port connection.  Although this is not the ideal home theater or gamer’s projector, it can double for a home projector, when need be.  Ultimately, though it is a fine lower cost choice for educational or business applications.

This projector review is included in our 2014-2015 Best Classroom Projectors Report, which is sponsored by Epson America.

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