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Viewsonic PJD6544w Physical Tour 1

Posted on April 16, 2014 by Art Feierman

Physical Tour Overview

Although the black piano gloss casing of the PJD6544w gives it the look of a home theater product (which may contribute to people wanting to use it that way.) It is able to be used in ceiling installations and due to its long throw distance; I’d recommend that it should be used that way if I were to install it. (Note* I used it on tabletop for my evaluation strictly out of convenience.) It is important to point out that both the zoom and the focus are adjusted manually so that is what compels me to feel it best to install it, dial it in and leave it alone. Because of its lightweight design however, it doesn’t take a huge stretch of the imagination to see its value as a portable or traveling projector also.  For the road warriors out there, the good news is that adjusting the manual zoom and focus has an easy factor somewhere between unscrewing a lid and operating an Etch-A-Sketch so it really isn’t a huge issue if you have to adjust it every time you use it. I’m just lazy on little things like this; that’s my problem.

The weight is only 4.7 lbs. which is really light for a compact projector that puts out this much light. Its physical dimensions are 11.6” wide, 4.5” high and 8.6” deep placing it in the typical size range for a standard small install classroom or business portable projector.

PJD6544w Projector Front

Starting from the front, you’ll notice that his is a manually adjustable lens and infrared “eye” for the remote. The front and sides are of a matte-black ribbed siding.  This is namely for enhancing the durability of the product through the yearly wear and tear.  One thing I didn’t like is that there is no lens-cap. The good news is that the lens itself is recessed into the manually adjustable lens housing so it’s not entirely unprotected.

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PJD6544w Projector Rear

The rear of the projector houses the input connections; its layout is pretty typical. From left to right starting over the power socket here is the layout: First column is the Audio In 1, 3.5mm jack (top), Audio In 2, 3.5mm jack (middle), &  Audio Out 3.5mm jack (bottom). The next column features the S-connection (4-pin mini-DIN)at the top Composite video (RCA)output jack  on the bottom. Column 3 features the Computer In 1 (15 pin mini D-sub) on the top and Computer In 2 (15 pin mini D-sub) at the bottom. It’s better to have 2x connections of this sort.  Both allow connection to analog RGB or component cable.  The next 3-colums are really single jacks. The first is the monitor (aka. Computer)out (15 pin mini D-sub).  Next is the HDMI Digital connection.  Although ViewSonic doesn’t include HDMI cable with this product, I felt that I achieved a better performance level using my personal PPC cable and would encourage others to at least try it. Another downer about the HDMI port is that there is only 1 and not 2, something I personally dislike. Next is the (9-pin) RS 232 jack. This is primarily for command and control. Next is the Type B (mouse control) USB connection when used with computers.  Mounted below is the Mini USB display port. Second to last on the list is the LAN port (RJ45 Ethernet) connection. Lastly is the Type A USB (card reader) port.

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PJD6544w Projector Sides

When facing the projector head on, the left side panel has the fan vent where air is drawn into the projector. This vents the heat through the port on the right-hand side.

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PJD6544w Projector Bottom

The bottom has 3 metric 4x8 threaded attachment points for ceiling installation. It also has 3 padded tabletop supports  in a “tricycle” formation. The front support is the only point with adjustable  height settings.

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PJD6544w Projector Top

Finally, the top of the projector features the Product Control Panel. The buttons are arranged in a diamond formation with the LAMP and TEMP buttons on the outer top left.  These are to be pressed for more information on either Lamp or LED Temperature “Indicator Messages”.

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Screen Images. I included some menu shots that demonstrate the relative simplicity of the operating system. Various playlists and options can be accessed while the image is in play. There is nothing out of the ordinary here but the overall user friendliness was worthy of mention here.

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