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Viewsonic Pro8100 Home Theater Projector: Warranty

Posted on October 5, 2013 by Art Feierman

The Viewsonic Pro8100 offers a very good warranty: 3 years parts and labor. Three years is about as long as projector warranties ever get, so the only way to improve on Viewsonic's offer, would be if they included a loaner or replacement program. Since they do not, if your Viewsonic needs warranty service, you will be out a projector until yours comes back from warranty service. In the 1080p class of projectors there are one, two, and three year warranties depending on the brand and model. A few of those with three years, do offer replacement or loaner (for example, Epson on their "Pro" UB version, the InFocus IN82, Optoma HD81-LV, BenQ - first year replacement only). You get the idea. Bottom line: With the Viewsonic, you get a nice long warranty, and don't forget, you are buying from a local dealer, from whom you should be entitled to excellent support.

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