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H5080 Projector – Special Features

ViviMotion: Creative Frame Interpolation

CFI is discussed at several points in this review. The H5080 offers three selections – Low Medium and High. The purpose of CFI is to smooth out motion. This is a feature that started appearing last year on a couple of projectors and is getting more widely used. Many, if not most, LCDTVs now offer it. As with CFI in general, when used with movies at 24fps, the end result tends to have a bit of a “live digital video”, or “soap opera” look. As a result, a limited number of people use it for movie viewing although it’s very popular for sports. Use the feature where you like it. Consider it a bonus feature. Sports fans, rejoice!

Color Management System (CMS)

Vivitek provides a CMS with the usual ability to separately adjust each color. There are also the usual primary color controls for adjusting color temp. In other words, lots of image color control.


Most likely this feature is the same as the Optoma’s Pure Color. Vivitek describes it as a dynamic sharpening control, and it seems like a typical Brilliant Color type implementation. It’s mostly like dialing up the “pop and wow” of the image. This feature can be really nice, but, like most dynamic features, takes a toll someplace else. You want the more dynamic look, you’ll also get a less natural look. That’s a common trade-off. View the three images immediately below. The first one has ViviPeaking set to 0, the second, set to 1, and the third, set to the max which is 3. Three’s pretty nasty.

Note these two images are “placeholders” the correct three images are coming.

Image with Pure Color Off.

Image with Pure Color set to 2.

That of course just gives you an idea of the extra kick from cranking up their peaking feature. One can be a touch over the top, depending on the content. Hey, if you like it…

Note these two images are “placeholders” the correct three images are coming.

Pure Color Off
Pure Color set to 2

Interchangeable Lens System

Choose between two zoom lenses – the standard lens, which most will use for ceiling mounting, a longer zoom which will primarily be used by those rear shelf mounting, or a fixed wide angle lens suitable for rear screen setups, or very close, front ceiling mounting. The lenses use a bayonet mount and easily snap in. You can get the projector with any of the three lenses.