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Vivitek H5080 Projector - Warranty

Posted on July 18, 2013 by Art Feierman

Vivitek H5080 Projector - Warranty

The Vivitek H5080 has been scoring really well in this review. Well, that was true until this point. Actually Vivitek provides a one year parts and labor warranty.

That's on the short side of warranties for projectors over $2000. Most have two year warranties a few even have three year warranties.

On the other hand, perhaps the single most direct competition to the Vivitek, and that would be the BenQ W6000 (though it's less money), also has but a single year of parts and labor. Epson's and Mitsubishi's near the price have at least two years, as does Optoma, and Sanyo...

I'm never comfortable with a 1 year warranty for a multi-thousand dollar projector. (OK, I can understand shorter warranties on under $1000 products). That's just tempting Murphy and his law. If your projector drops dead in its 13th month, with no warranty, that's going to be a real expensive bummer. At least, with two year warranties, if your projector breaks in month 25, there will be much better projectors than the one you are buying, selling for a good bit less.

Although not a big fan of third party warranties, in most cases, I do think getting at least one year extra, is a good idea when you start with just a one year warranty. Hey, it's a tough call.

Pay attention though, some dealers seriously overcharge for those extended warranties. (Usually the ones selling the projector for below their cost, but who will only sell it to you if you buy an overpriced extended warranty)

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