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Vivitek QUMI LED DLP Mini Projector - Review Summary

Posted on August 7, 2013 by Art Feierman

Vivitek QUMI Projector: Bottom Line

The Vivitek QUMI fits in well when stacked up against the competition.  It has very good color rendition in most of its modes and provides a sharp image across the screen with all resolutions.  Compared with the recently reviewed Acer K11, it delivers similar brightness and picture quality, but at a higher resolution and with the added bonus of being 3D ready.  It also has a built-in media player and a power supply that does not weigh as much as the Acer’s.  On the flip side, the Acer delivers better picture quality at its brightest setting (which surpasses the QUMI in lumen output) and has more available picture adjustment s in both the menu and on the remote.

Basically, the QUMI is a solid performer and deserves serious consideration when looking for a compact, light weight mini projector.  Lumen output is quite high for such a small projector and its high resolution makes video watching quite enjoyable.  If more lumens are needed, you probably shouldn’t be looking at a mini projector, as you can get one of the many notebook-sized projectors on the market that will produce 10 times the lumen output.  It would be nice if there was a battery option, but it may be that such an option would require too large a battery to be viable.  After all, small size and light weight are the driving factors in choosing a mini or pico projector.

Overall, the Vivitek QUMI provides a very bright and sharp image for its size, combined with a low price and a 30,000 hour LED light source.  Not so many years ago, its performance would have been exemplary for a home theater projector that was much larger and much more expensive.  Bottom line is that you would be hard pressed to get more bang for your buck than the Vivitek QUMI.

Vivitek QUMI Projector: Pros

  • Almost 200 lumens from an incredibly compact projector
  • 30,000 hour light source life
  • Very good image with any supported resolution and good color accuracy
  • Built-in media player feature
  • Good number of picture modes
  • 3D capability
  • No dust filter to keep clean
  • Works with iPhone, iPad and iPod (requires optional adapter)
  • Can present from microSD card or USB drive

Vivitek QUMI Projector: Cons

  • Lack of zooming ability and no height adjustment ability makes for slow setup
  • No battery powered option
  • Minimal controls on remote (no Power button)

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