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Vivitek QUMI Mini Projector - Physical Tour

Posted on August 7, 2013 by Art Feierman

Vivitek QUMI Appearance

The Vivitek QUMI has a rectangular, white plastic case.  The lens is located on the right side of the front face and is just about flush with the front of the projector.  Oddly, there is no protective cap for the lens when the projector’s not in use.  To the left of the lens is a hot air exhaust vent.  There are no adjustable height feet on the bottom of the projector, but there is a tripod mounting slot and another air vent.

On top of the projector, toward the right rear (while facing the front), is a touch control panel with basic Menu functions, including buttons for Menu, Enter and menu navigation (Up/Down/Left/Right buttons).

On the right side (facing the front of the projector), is a focus adjustment wheel and an air intake vent toward the rear.  The only thing on the left side of the projector is a power switch.

The rear panel is small, but manages to include a number of connection options.  Going from left to right, first is the power supply connector, followed by two 3.5 mm mini jacks, one for audio output and the other for an AV connection (compatible with iPod, iPhone and iPad).  Next up are a USB jack and MicroSD card slot.  There is an IR receiving eye, a mini-HDMI jack and a universal HD jack (for use with one of the included cables for connection to a VGA computer output.


Vivitek QUMI Setup and Menus

As the QUMI does not have any zoom capability (other than a digital zoom) or height adjustment, the projector must to be positioned at both the correct height and distance from the screen.  This can make setup rather tedious and often requires the use of keystone adjustment.  The QUMI’s keystone correction works fairly well and unless you’re displaying an image size close to the max (90” diagonal), does not cause noticeable distortion.

Once the QUMI’s in position, the user can bring up the menu and select the desired display mode.  Unfortunately, all adjustments are fixed for every picture mode except User.  In User mode, you can make adjustments to contrast, brightness, sharpness and gamma.  There is also an Advanced menu available that gives you the ability to select one of three color temps as well as a color space.  Adjustment to Brilliant Color is also supposed to be available in User mode, but it wasn’t available with my laptop connected via HDMI or VGA.  However, having six picture modes (in addition to the  User mode) give you plenty of flexibility to match your presentation to the appropriate color and brightness profile.

Vivitek QUMI Setup and Menus Slideshow

Main Menu

Vivitek QUMI Remote Control

The QUMI’s remote control is a very small, white remote with a one-piece button pad.  Compared to many projector remotes, including the recently reviewed Acer K11, there is a lack of some of more often used buttons.

There is no Power button on the remote, nor are there buttons for the digital zoom or speaker volume.  There are the usual Menu and menu navigation buttons (Left, Right, Up, Down and Enter), as well as buttons for Source and Mute, but that’s it.  Some of the menu navigation buttons do function to control video playback when the QUMI is in its media player mode.

As is usually the case with most multimedia projectors, the buttons are not backlit or glow-in-the-dark.

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