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Wemax Go Advanced Full HD DLP Business Laser Projector Review - Notable Features

Posted on June 25, 2022 by Philip Boyle


The Wemax Go Advanced is a smart projector with features such as autofocus, intelligent obstacle avoidance, and intelligent screen alignment, providing convenience and flexibility to its users. Autofocus enables the Wemax Go Advanced to re-adjust the focus within seconds to keep the image sharp. When I moved the projector from pointing at the screen, to the wall and even onto a popcorn ceiling, the Go Advanced did a pretty good job of focusing.

Intelligent Auto Focus
Intelligent Auto Focus

The intelligent obstacle avoidance feature detects objects on the display surface, like pictures on a wall, and rescale the image to avoid them.

The Go Advanced menu system is easy to use with valuable tools such as auto keystone correction and autofocus. The Go Advanced automatically recognizes the screen area and intelligently adjusts the image to fit the space using a 4-point auto keystone adjustment.

Auto keystone even did a decent job when I purposely placed the projector at some extreme angles from below.

The auto keystone and autofocus worked most of the time and obstacle avoidance removed many of the setup annoyances found in other projectors. However, they were not perfect. I often had to adjust the focus to get it a little clearer. The projector also often shrank the projected image when it didn't need to. I usually ended up nudging the projector on purpose to get it to resample the image.

Keep your image square regardless of the problem
Keep your image square regardless of the problem

The intelligent screen alignment ensures hassle-free operation and keeps the image within the screen at all times.


The FengOS-powered Wemax Go Advanced provides a decently intuitive user interface, unlike the AAXA M8 I recently reviewed. Wemax offers easy access to many mainstream video streaming apps, so users can skip the step of screen mirroring when projecting. On paper, this sounds great, but the reality was not very good.

Aptoide Thrid Party App Store
Aptoide Thrid Party App Store

FengOS includes the Aptoide TV App Store providing users access to a wide variety of applications. I was able to download and install the latest version of Youtube for Android TV, Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, and Amazon Prime Video. All these applications installed and launched just fine, but that's as far as my good experience went. The Go Advanced could not navigate the Netflix app or play any content. With the Hulu app, I could move around the interface, but as soon as I tried to play content, the app displayed an error message. YouTube actually played videos as long as I was not logged in with my Google account. Once I tried to log into my account, the application crashed and kicked me out to the FengOS home screen. HBOMax played videos with no audio. Amazon Prime Video displayed an HDMI error  when I tried to play content (likely an HDCP issue since the app is built into the projector).

The app user experience was not a good experience for me. I was unable to get the key applications I wanted to use to work. In the end after I tested each of the Go Advanced’s built-in OS features, I ended up plugging in my $20 Android TV HDMI device and had a much better user experience. 


Wemax Go Advanced has a built-in battery
An internal lithium-ion battery for if there is no outlet available

Designed with the business user in mind, the built-in rechargeable battery allows for at least 1.5 hours of viewing in power savings mode. Wemax has designed the projector to run off a compatible power bank if you need more time.

I wish the battery could last long enough to get through a two-hour movie. However, since this projector is targeted at mobile business customers, I can't imagine there are many times that mobile presentations would exceed the projector's built-in battery life.


A single USB 2.0 input is located on the rear chassis, which can be used to connect a USB device such as a mouse, keyboard, or USB memory stick. 

The Go Advanced has an internal media player with 16 GB of memory. As this device is Android-based, you can see how memory is allocated to the OS, applications, and media in the menu. See the screenshot below.

The internal storage can be used to store music or some of your favorite movies on the projector. You can increase the available storage by connecting a properly formatted USB drive to the back of the projector.

The Go Advanced supports FAT32- and exFAT-formatted USB memory devices. You can access video, photos, and music via the Go Advanced's File explorer application.


The Wemax Go Advanced offers wifi connectivity

The Wemax Go Advanced offers users a built-in wireless connection. Built-in WiFi means there are never any worries about forgetting to bring a cable or dealing with a messy setup! The Go Advanced allows users to directly mirror and view your device contents from both Android or iOS devices like a phone or tablet! This ability to cast content for wireless viewing is doubly important with the inconsistant performance of applications from the Aptoide app store. I was able to cast content from a variety of popular applications directly to the projector by passing a built-in application that would not fully function.


The Wemax Go Advanced supports High Dynamic Range (HDR). This Full HD (1,920 x 1,080 pixels) projector can accept a 4K HDR video signal via a single HDMI port. The Go Advanced is compatible with HDR10, the most commonly used format found on UHD Blu-ray discs (4K movies) and most streaming content.

HDR improves the projectors dynamic range as well as color; it also shows more details in shadows and the bright areas of a picture compared to non HDR projectors.

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