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Wemax Go Advanced Full HD DLP Business Laser Projector Review - Performance

Posted on June 25, 2022 by Philip Boyle


The out-of-the-box color presets on the Wemax Go Advanced are good. The images above give you a pretty good idea of how the projector performs. Just keep in mind that, in person, the actual colors will likely look even better on screen.

The Go Advanced delivers 100% of the Rec.709 color gamut resulting in a higher level of color accuracy than other portable projectors I've reviewed. The projector's colors don't get washed out even in rooms with a bit of unwanted light. The Wemax Go Advanced comes with several out-of-the-box picture modes designed to make your content look its best.

My source is a 4K Apple TV and a Windows 10 Pro PC.

Standard Mode: Standard mode is bright, with the overall color slightly above neutral.

Movie Mode: Adds a significant amount of contrast and warms the overall picture.

Child Mode/Eye Care Mode: Make the image more neutral and presumably easier on children's eyes. This mode has a different name in the projectors player preset selection menu.

Showy Mode: The projector's brightest mode is the best for environments with some unwanted light.

Sport Mode: Increases contrast by just a tiny amount making elements of the picture pop.

Game Mode: Designed to improve overall smoothness with slightly exaggerated colors and contrast.

Custom Mode: Allows custom parameters to be applied to your video.


The Wemax Go Advanced is fitted with a cinema-grade ALPD® Laser. According to Wemax, this is the first time that Phosphor Laser Technology has been miniaturized into a body no bigger than an iPad. The technology enables a projector as compact as the Wemax Go Advanced to be exceptionally energy-efficient while delivering bright, high-quality images, even in environments where some ambient light is present. Dealing with unwanted ambient light sources is a problem for projectors of all types. Consistent lighting is one thing you can't depend on when you move from one environment to another.

The Wemax Go Advanced is bright enough for my living room, backyard, and testing lab.

Wemax rates the brightness of the Go Advanced at 600 ANSI lumens. To measure the brightness, I set the projector's power mode to Office and its picture mode to Showy, which is the projector's brightest mode. I then took three to four readings about 15-20% out from the center of the lens.

The brightest mode on the Wemax Go Advanced measured 604 ANSI lumens based on my readings. 604 lumens is right in line with the brightness rating Wemax provided. I measured seven of the eight available picture modes. I left out the custom mode as it is meant to be adjusted by the user. My measurements are below.

Sports Mode 438 ANSI Lumens
Child Mode / Eye Care Mode 601 ANSI Lumens
Standard Mode 602 ANSI Lumens
Movie Mode 548 ANSI Lumens
Showy Mode 604 ANSI Lumens
Display Mode 601 ANSI Lumens
Game Mode 592 ANSI Lumens


The Wemax Go Advanced picture quality is good, with visible differences when switching between the preset picture modes. I preferred Movie and Standard modes. I also liked that a user mode allowed me to adjust brightness, contrast, color, and sharpness to suit each environment in which I used the projector.


The Wemax Go Advanced, like most DLP projectors, reproduced blacks that were closer to gray. For this projectors targeted business user shadow detail is more than good enough for presentations and even with some entertainment content provided the environment is dark. There are definitely other projectors at or below the Go Advanced price point but these projectors cannot compete in size or light source.


The mono 2-watt speaker on the Wemax Go Advanced is loud and does not distort. It's suitable for outdoor viewing, provided your environment isn't too loud. That's the best I can say for this projector's sound quality. Wemax did include sound presets but using them through the projector's speaker is pointless. I recommend using the audio-out connection to hook up external speakers. The Go Advanced does support using Bluetooth speakers.

The projector can get loud, but it has an extremely limited range.


The Wemax Go Advanced is extremely quiet until it begins to heat up, mainly in the brighter modes. Even at the maximum fan setting I did not find the noise distracting.

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