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3M MPro110 Special Features

Posted on October 2, 2013 by Art Feierman

Ultimately, like with other pico projectors in its class the main attraction of the MPro110 is its tiny size and light weight, as well as being battery operated. The 3M MPro110 projector comes with an internal rechargeable battery. We ran the 3M from full charge, twice, and both times it lasted just a few of minutes over one hour, before the battery gave out. More on the battery, later. I find that this 3M LED powered pico projector can produce a respectable image in a mostly darkened room from very small, say 12 inches, to about 24 inches diagonal. Fully darken the room and you can go larger. In a fully darkened room, the MPro110 can produce a barely bright enough image up to almost 50 inches (40 inches wide), which is also about as large an image as it can focus. Even 3M seems to agree, in their literature, they use "up to 50 inch" in describing how large an image they consider maximum. The focus limitation makes sure of that.

Projector Lamp Life

Thanks to the small (and cool running) LED light source, 3M rates the life of the LED light as 20,000 hours - roughly 6 to 10 times the life of most traditional projector lamps. This means that there is no significant cost of ownership to figure in. This projector will be so obsolete, years before the LED lamp source gets close to its rating.

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VGA Input

This is the first pico projector that I am aware of to offer a VGA input. This should make it the favorite for those planning to use it for small business presentations. While at least one other has a media player built in, with the MPro110, there's no need to convert files, just plug it into your laptop. Although the MPro110 is VGA resolution, it supports SVGA (800x600) and XGA (1024x768) source material. More on that in the Performance section of this MPro110 review.

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