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3M MPro150 Projector - Physical Tour

Posted on September 23, 2010 by Art Feierman


3M has designed a very nice projector with the MPro150. It's sleek rounded off design with very well laid out menu and inputs definitely make it a nice projector from a show point of view. It even feels durable and well thought out. Everything is very logical when it comes to where features are on the MPro150. Not something that is common amongst all projectors.

The Control Panel is located on the top of the projector and the inputs for all your AV sources are in the back. This seems like it would be common, but you would be surprised how many projectors have inputs and power plugs in really inconvenient places. In the front is the lens and right now to that is the focus adjustment. Image size is acheived by moving the projector close or farther away from the screen. Once you have the desired size image, you can use the fine focus adjustment to get the image just right. Keep in mind that 50 inches is the max image size. If you find that you can't focus the projector, you might have to large an image.

Control Panel

The MPro150 uses the very typical disk like control panel that most projector and portable device users are use to. You can check battery level, adjust volume, and traverse your way through the menu system to change source and load your presentations from internal memory. It is very intuitive and although some reading of the manual will be necessary, overall it is a decent control panel with no major issues. We will get into the menu system next.


The menu system is very graphical and quite logical. One aspect I found helpful is that they used very recognizeable file format icons as buttons in the menu. This should make getting around very easy once you get the hang of the other aspects of the menu system.

Menus System Slideshow

Document Menu

File Menu

Photo Menu

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