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3M MPro150 - Image Quality

Posted on September 23, 2010 by Art Feierman

3M MPro150 Pico Projector - Picture Quality

Picture quality encompasses a lot things. Mainly the projectors ability to accurately reproduce color and the ability for it to handle different resolutions with clarity. The color accuracy section below delves into a little more detail regarding what you can expect from the MPro150 and then I move on to video and how well the projector performs.

The 3M MPro150 was not designed to replace your typical home theater projector, nor was it designed to replace your typical LCD or DLP presentation projector. For eye popping presentations to a large audience, especially one that you have to keep engaged for a long period of time, the Pico projector is not going to be sufficient. Read on to learn more about the MPro150's color accuracy and video quality. It will help you make a more informed decision regarding whether the 3M MPro150 or any Pico projector for that matter will meet your requirements.

Color Accuracy

Color accuracy on the 3M MPro150 was pretty on par with most of the DLP Pico projectors. With the projectors 15 lumens of brightness(9 lumens when measured in the lab), colors did not pop off the screen as much as you might see with the Optoma PK301. Considering the low lumens I did not have any preconceived ideas that I would see a great image. Please keep in mind that when I refer to a stunning image as it relates to Pico projectors I am comparing one Pico to another. None of them produce stunning images like the standard portable projector that we are all used to using. However, the MPPro did an acceptable job reproducing the typical colors you might see in any windows application. The image below is a bit fuzzy because of some camera motion, but the one thing to notice is the red. Although not a bad red for a DLP projector, it is not exactly as accurate as it could be.

Reds and yellows on DLP projectors often look a little off. Red can tend to be a little orange in the case of yellow and can take on sort of a mustard color. Reducing brightness in some DLP projectors or just spending in a little time in the color menu adjusting temperature can sometimes produce much more accurate reds and yellows that match the color spectrum. Due to the lower lumens, the 3M MPro150 is able to cheat this in some ways and achieve better color than one might expect.

Below is a photo of the MPro150 showing a photograph. The camera does not completely represent a true view of the projector performing when showing skin tones, but from the naked eye, the skin tones are not as accurate as Pico projectors in the 50 lumen range.


Video was surprising on the 3M MPro150. Although this projector would not be my first choice for video, it performed to a level that would make it fine for taking on a camping trip or just showing a quick video to friends from your smartphone. I send a DVD source through the VGA port on my laptop to achieve the image you see below. As mentioned, it would not be an acceptable alternative to a home theater projector in the $1000 to $3000 price range, but it is fine as a extremely portable home theater to take on the road.

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