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3M MPro150 Projector - Physical Tour2

Posted on September 23, 2010 by Art Feierman

Remote Control

The MPro150 does not include a remote control. Because you will be very close to the projector when presenting your content, usually a remote is not necessary when you use Picos.

3M MPro150 Lens Throw

Images of up to 50 inches are possible from just 42 inches away with the MPro150. This projector does not have a zoom lens so producing the size image you desire is a matter of moving the projector forward and aft until satisfied. As mentioned earlier, once you get to the desired image, a fine focus knob is right next to the lens to get the image looking just right.

Lens Shift & Setup

No lens shift.The image must be aligned by physically moving the projector. Focus is done by rotating the lens once you have achieved your desired image size.

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