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AAXA M6 Pocket Projector Review – Hardware 2

Posted on August 12, 2017 by Nikki Zelinger

AAXA M6 Pocket Projector Review – Hardware 2: Control Panel, Remote Control, Menus

The Control Panel

The control panel is as simple as the rest of the projector. There are, of course, the standard arrow keys surrounding the OK button used to select. Directly underneath, we have the Power button. On the left, of that Power button, there is a button that brings up the Settings menu. On the right, we have the Escape or Back button. The Settings button gives quick access to settings such as Brightness, Sound, Option, and Picture. This is particularly useful when setting up the projector quickly for a presentation.

The Remote

The remote control is the devil. When we were first playing with this projector, the remote’s battery presented quite the challenge Art and myself. It’s one of those CR2032 coin-sized batteries, pictured below.

The battery was difficult to fit into its designated compartment because there is a small, bent wire to keep the battery in place that appeared to be in the way – more of a nuisance than something useful. There were no instructions on inserting the battery, nothing on the entire internet, and it simply didn’t seem to fit at all. Behold, the only information on the internet about the insertion of the M6 remote’s battery:

Lift up the bent wire and place the battery underneath so that it fits at a 90-degree angle, then shove that sucker in until the battery can be pushed down into its slot. The wire doesn’t easily budge, and we didn’t want to damage the battery. In our caution, we spent a little extra time inserting the battery than you will.

The remote control itself is small, lightweight and easy to use. It’s got a mere 14 buttons that perform basic functions. As usual, we’ll tackle the remote’s buttons in sections. The top section consists of five buttons: Power, Mute, Rewind, Play/Pause, and Fast Forward. The Power button is red and is located in the top left corner, while the Mute button is black and directly opposite, on the right side. The Rewind, Play/Pause, and Fast Forward buttons are useful when using the M6’s media player.

The next section features the directional buttons for navigating the menus and an OK button in the center for choosing options. Below, we have four additional buttons: two for Volume, a Home button to bring up the menus, and a Back or Escape button. That’s it.

The range of the remote is excellent. It can reach just over 20 feet, possibly more – I ran out of house to back up into. The projector only has a back sensor, but you can use the remote in front of the projector and it still functions well.

The Menus

The menus of the M6 are simple and easy to navigate. Pay no mind to the pixelated text here, as it does not have any bearing on the picture quality of movies, TV, presentations, Word documents, images, or any other projectable content.

Main Menu

The Main Menu is your direct access to the Media Player. Here, you can choose from these options: Movie, Music, Photo, and Text. For all of these options, there are two choices for how to project – Micro Card or USB. Also accessible from this menu are the Setting and Source Menus.

Setting Menu

The Setting Menu allows for the adjustment of Brightness, Sound, Option, and Pictur

That does it for the Hardware Tour, and our discussion of the Special Features. The M6 has a good amount of inputs and connectors for home entertainment, business and education needs. The control panel and remote control are both well-laid out, and in-keeping with the simplicity of this projector.

The Media Player is highly useful and allows for several different types of media to be easily projected without a PC. The two devices that can be used with the Media Player – USB and Micro SD – are easy to come by. That there is no installation necessary for PC-free presenting is a major plus.

The rest of the menus are easy to navigate and, though the parameters are simple, one can customize the picture and color to their liking, which I consider to be a selling point of the AAXA M6 Pocket Projector.

Most of what we’ve told you so far is about what the projectors features are. But most of that just doesn’t matter, if the projector doesn’t meet your needs for picture quality and brightness, so, on to the good stuff – Picture and Sound Quality, followed by Performance.

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