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AAXA M6 Pocket Projector Review – Summary

Posted on August 13, 2017 by Nikki Zelinger

AAXA M6 Pocket Projector Review - Performance: Summary, Pros, Cons


The AAXA M6 is a pocket class projector that has a decent feature set for $599. Though, like most other pico and pocket projectors, the M6 does have some considerable limitations. Those who want a projector of this size will have some trade-offs between size and performance.

The M6 is highly portable, has that Media Player for PC-free presenting, and can handle moderate ambient light. Larger projectors will have higher quality built-in audio and a brighter image, but will weigh more than 3 times the weight of the M6 in most instances. Your choice of projector, whether it be the M6, another pocket projector, or a more standard-sized projector, will come down to how well the particular model fits your needs.

This is a relatively low-cost pocket projector that is capable of producing decent color with out-of-the-box picture modes. In its best mode, Movie, the colors were reasonably accurate, though perhaps a tad oversaturated. In some instances, the images were far too contrasty for my liking. Luckily, there are User modes for both picture and color, so the M6 is capable of producing much better color than its out-of-the-box modes. The image is sharp, as it should be with that 1080p resolution, but I was surprised because I didn’t expect a pocket projector to do so well on text. It was remarkable.

Most pocket class projectors aren’t very bright – many don’t make it above 200-500 lumens – but the M6 measured in at 835 in its brightest mode. Though that’s below its 1200 lumen claim, it’s still pretty good for a projector like this. I found that the image was still recognizable, even in the face of ambient light. There are also three power modes to choose from: Bright, Standard, and ECO. I took measurements when using Bright power mode, but Standard is also pretty bright as well.

The AAXA M6 can project an image as small as 20” diagonally, up to 200” diagonally. I projected this at about 80” diagonally, as I couldn’t position the projector in a way that would allow it to fill my 92” screen. Text and images were still sharp at 80”, though I can’t speak for the larger sizes. It would probably be ideal to project this using a 100” diagonal screen or below. Either way, it’s nice to know you can project such a large image with this tiny projector if you so wish.

The M6 comes equipped with two 2-watt speakers. These aren’t loud, but they’re suitable for a room with a small audience. There is an Audio Out jack for connecting external speakers, however, so volume should not be an issue. Overall, I was satisfied with the level of performance from the M6. My expectations were not high, but I am happy to say that they were exceeded.

The M6 As A Home Entertainment Projector

The M6 could be considered to be a great first projector for a young millennial or college student. There’s an HDMI port that can be used to connect a PlayStation or an Xbox for casual gaming, and for use when streaming from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, or other streaming services. The HDMI port can also be used for streaming sticks, though it is not specified as MHL which is ideal for streaming. The AAXA M6 can project on a smooth wall or a screen, making ideal for rooms where space is limited.

TV shows and movies that were streamed looked good. Tweaking the colors using the User Picture and Color Modes really helps. Gaming on the M6 was enjoyable, and despite the higher input lag of 42.4 ms, I found the projector performed well. I used to love my TV and didn’t understand the value of a projector, but even a low-cost pocket projector like this will knock most TVs south of $2000 out of the water. For just $599, in the case of the M6, you can easily produce any size image you want without that high price tag. Seems that these days, a “basic” 86″ TV goes for something like $3500 (2017). The cost savings of a pocket LED projector are quite remarkable, for those wanting to be immersed in the large screen experience for a very reasonable price!

The M6 As A Business/Education Projector

Though the AAXA M6 is primarily marketed as a home entertainment projector, it also has its place in the business and education worlds. For the road warrior, the M6 is a compact, easy-to-use projector with a quick setup. It would be suitable for small group presentations and training videos. Teachers and instructors may find the M6 to be useful if there is not a permanently installed projector in their classroom, or if there is a need for portability.

There are a number of excellent business and education projectors out there that have a better feature sets than the M6. But, remember – the trade-off here is size, and weight! Most of those projectors will weigh at least 4.5 pounds but be 3-10 times the physical size. so far less “road warrior” portable. By comparison the M6 is 2.5 pounds, only 7″ x 7″ x 2.1″ and comes with a carrying case. Don’t forget the removable battery, which lasts up to 90 minutes. That’s a definite plus.


  • 835 Lumens – Though it did not meet claim, the M6 is bright enough to use in a fair amount of ambient light
  • LED Lamp – Lasts up to 30,000 hours (Eco mode)
  • Media Player – PC-Free presenting and playback available using multiple ports
  • Simple Menus – Easy navigation with simple options
  • Built-In 2-Watt Stereo Speakers – Loud enough to use with small audiences
  • Battery Powered – Can run for 90 minutes when not connected to power
    • The batteries are removable, for long remote sessions consider getting a spare
  • Sharp Image – Text is very readable in presentations, text documents, and in films
  • Reasonably Good Color – Out-of-the-Box color is decent, but you there are User Picture and Color Modes for total customization
  • Portable – 2.5 pounds, 7″ x 7″ x 2.1″, and comes with a carrying case
  • Large Range of Projection Size – Can produce an image from 20″ up to 200″


  • Measured Below Claim – Did not meet 1,200 lumen claim, came in at 835 lumens in Bright power mode
  • No Keystone Correction – Projector must hit the screen dead on, as if the M6 is tilted, you will have a trapezoid-shaped image that you cannot do anything about
  • Speaker Pop – The speaker pops loudly whenever the projector is turned on
  • No Networking Capabilities – No LAN or Wireless LAN (typical of the class)
  • Loud Fan – The fan is incredibly loud in Bright power mode (full power), a little less loud in Standard
  • Great to have a media player, but better if this one also played Microsoft Office file formats

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