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AAXA P1 Jr. - Image Quality

Posted on October 21, 2010 by Art Feierman

AAXA P1 Jr. Pico Projector - Picture Quality

Overall, the P1 Jr. seemed to lack contrast compared to the others. I think this was in part due to a fair amount of ambient light exiting the lens, and forming almost a rectangle of light on the screen, with about the same screen height as the projected image. Controls default to 5 for each setting, but I had to set contrast to 8 or 9 (9 is the max, to get results like that immediately below. Once that is done, however, the P1 Jr. starts looking repespectable. I'll discuss this issue later, with some images showing the light leak.

Color Accuracy

We don't measure color accuracy of pico projectors, but our photos of screen shots should give you some idea. Color was pretty good, easily better than any of the picos I reviewed last year. There is a bit too much yellow perhaps. The gamma seems a little off leaving faces darker than you would expect in scenes like the image above.

The projector did just fine projecting photos of friends and scenery. Not bad, not bad at all.


It's easy. I hooked up a dvd player to the P1 Jr. pico projector, and it worked just fine. All you have to do is plug in the AV cable, a mini-jack that on the other end has yellow (video), white and red (audio) female RCA jacks. Just hook up to a normal composite cable from you preferred device. In my case I used an Oppo DVD player. I plugged them in, selected AV input from the P1 Jr.'s main menu, and bingo - the movie appeared.

This image is missing it is from the first P1 Jr. tested. It will be posted within 24 hours.

I watched about 30 minutes of Road Trip on the P1 Jr. I set it up on a mini tripod, fired it at a screen, and it worked. I projected about a 30 inch diagonal image, in a fully dark room, and it was definitely watchable. I considered it a little dim, but in the dark room very acceptable considering the portability. In other words, you want to watch a movie on the side of your tent, while camping (no full moon please), or any other place you might find a 5 ounce projector ideal.

The image above was taken from Road Trip, with the first P1 Jr. that I worked with (from an early batch, I'm told). The one below, was taken with the newer P1 Jr. Of course the exposures are not identical, but.

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