Projector Reviews

AAXA P1 Jr. Special Features

Battery Powered

The projector is powered by a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery.

Tripod Mount
The P1 Jr. easily mounts to a tripod for easy setup because of the threaded hole on the bottom of the projector.

LED Light Technology

AAXA claims only a modest 15,000 hour LED light source. Most others claim 20,000 or more. I wouldn’t worry about it though. You’re not likely to use this even 10 hours a week, in which case, the light source would last almost 30 years. Though you would have worn out your first battery a couple of decades before. By that time, I expect something better will have come along, worth replacing your P1 Jr. with.


Has a 1.0 watt speaker which is more than some other pico projectors have, but it lacks an audio output to feed headphones, powered speakers or a separate audio system. Sound is functional though essentially no bass, and volume is decent, but we’re not talking hi-fi on these pico projectors