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AAXA P1 Jr. - Review Summary

Posted on October 24, 2010 by Art Feierman
A bottom line summary of the AAXA P1 Jr. Projector's pros and cons and capabilities.

AAXA P1 Jr.: Bottom Line

Not bad, not bad at all. The color is pretty good, as the images from Road Trip demonstrate. The slight distortion (softness almost a light blur) from the light leak keeps this from being a really excellent value, but price considered, the P1 Jr. does lots of things, it's rather impressively capable, and still a good value at its price, until something better comes along (of course). True it's standard VGA 640x480 resolution, but the P1 Jr. is not the only VGA projector of the five reviewed.

The P1 Jr. receives a Special Interest award. That's because I like it, but the picture quality just isn't quite good enough to earn a Hot Product award. Just a little better, though... well, you never know. The award was an iffy thing based on the first unit I reviewed. When I sent it back, I asked them to confirm if the light leak was typical. That resulted in the 2nd unit arriving a couple of quick pics taken, and this review posted.

With either projector contrast seems a bit poor with the default setting of 5 (much worse on the first projector, though). I found the projector looked its best with contrast set to 9 (the maximum), or 8. Brightness at 5 (also the default) was about right. That combination of 9 and 5 is what I used for almost all viewing, except photos (mostly 8 and 5).

The P1 Jr. handles resolutions up to 720x480 officially, but a standard DVD is about 853x480, and the Junior, works just fine with DVDs.

You can do presentations without a computer, but, the P1 Jr. cannot be hooked up to a computer - there's no standard VGA (analog computer) port, nor HDMI. If you do need to do a presentation, the P1 Jr. does it the same way many other projectors do. You feed it a folder of jpg, avi, and other acceptable photo and video formats by putting them on an SD card, then popping that into the P1 Jr., and using the built in media player to play your images. I should note that it's a rather nice, well endowed media player, offering auto modes, choices of time between slides, a choice of dissolves, and even more. I was impressed when I saw the nice job they did!

Mostly though, the P1 Jr. was fun. I can pick on the overall image quality a bit, compared to far more expensive pico projectors, but then I have to consider that this low cost pico projector actually looks better than any of the three pure pico projectors reviewed a year ago. Whether you have some purpose specifically in mind for the P1 Jr, or just want to play with one and figure out your uses later, your $119 goes a long way.

AAXA P1 Jr. Projector: Pros

  • The $119 price, of course
  • SD card slot
  • Built in Media player not only works, but has lots of nice options for slideshows and more
  • 1 watt speaker and a little better sound than average
  • USB with On-The-Go (OTG) support
  • Has tripod thread, and comes with mini tripod, which is very handy!
  • Composite jack with video, left and right audio
  • Pretty good color for a pico projector
  • Easy graphic/text menus
  • A lot of fun for the price, capable too!

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