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AAXA P1 Jr. - Review Summary 2

Posted on October 24, 2010 by Art Feierman

AAXA P1 Jr. Projector: Cons

  • No computer input
  • Lacks audio out for headphones or external speakers
  • Light leakage seems to very slighty blur the image
  • Could be brighter (of course)

AAXA P1 Jr. Projector: 20 Questions Answered

1) What is the native resolution and what is the max resolution?

Native Resolution is VGA (640x480) media player supports up to 720x480, supports standard DVD resolution of 853x480 from composite input
2) Largest image you can project and how far do you have to be to achieve it?

AAXA quotes 10 - 50 inch image size. To fill a 50 inch wide screen, the front of the projector will be approximately 97 inches back, which is a pretty long throw.

3) Standard battery life?

Approximately one hour as tested - that is, a relatively new battery

4) Does it have internal memory, and how much?

There is no mentioned internal memory, indicating what is there, is basic for operation. The P1 Jr. accepts an SD card. AAXA lists the maximum memory for the card as 8 gigabytes.
5) What light source technology does the projector use?

Uses LED light and lasts an estimated 15,000 hours.

6) What is the native aspect ratio and does it support other aspect ratios?

4:3 but does support 16:9 aspect ratio.

7) What is the throw ratio?

2:1 - that is screen distance is approximately 2x screen width

8) Does it have a remote control?


9) Does it have a full featured control panel on the projector?


10) What type of warranty does it have?

1 Year limited parts and labor.

11) Does it have a focus adjustment?

Yes. However it lacks a zoom lens. The projector must be physically moved to produce a smaller or larger image.
12) What inputs/ouputs does the projector have?

One input for video signal uses a mini jack with video and L and R audio (cable has yellow, red, white female RCA adaptors). One input is USB and accepts OTG USB devices (On The Go)

13) Is it compatible with smartphones? Which ones?

Yes, with optional cable. Project images from many smart phones or iphone (not fully tested).

14) What files types can be used for a presentation. Document?

Projector's media player supports: JPG, AVI, MPG, MP4, MP3, RM, and RMVP, and comes with software to convert your presentation slides into image formats compatible with the P1 Jr.

15) What light source technology is used in the projector?

The light source is LED technology rated to last 15,000 hours. In other words, don't even worry about it!

16) Will it accept HD video sources

No, according to AAXA.
17) What cables does the projector come with, WHAT  might I need?

The projector comes with one adapter for the AV input - triple mini, to 3 RCA female. USB cable, Power adapter. What to consider? Adapter cable for Apple products, SD card.

18) How much outboard memory can be used by the projector?

The P1 Jr. projector can accept up to 8G microSD card.

19) What is the highest brightness in standard mode with just battery and brightness with expansion pack or AC?

Highest brightness is 10 lumens rated, we measured 9. Measured just incrementally (within margin of error) brighter when plugged in, it seems, but that could be due to "topping off" the battery.

20) What environment is this projector best suited to be used in?

Dark environments with little or no ambient light for best viewing. A white surface, or better yet, a proper screen, will provide best results.

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