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Acer X1161P DLP Projector - A Comparison-2

Posted on June 23, 2011 by Art Feierman

Acer X1161P Projector Comparison

Another neat feature of the two projectors is they come equipped with blackboard mode, adjusting the image projected in order to be displayed on blackboards as well as white boards. This is great for use in classrooms or conference rooms that aren't equipped with screens, as you can turn virtually any smooth surface (wall, blackboard, or whiteboard) into a screen! Both the Acer X1161P and the Acer X1261P have extremely long lamp lives of 5000 hours at full power and 6000 when in eco-mode. With such a long lamp life, the lamp will not have to be changed as frequently, meaning it will save you a significant amount of money over time. However, the Acer X1161P, as well as its sibling, are covered by only a one year warranty, which is the most basic coverage out there. Keep that in mind when buying if you don't have much of a budget for maintenance beyond one year! Unlike the Acer X1261P, the Acer X1161P does not come with monitor out, thereby incapable of connecting your computer monitor to the projector. Whereas the Acer X1261P is equipped with a single 2 watt speaker, the Acer X1161P is not equipped with speakers at all, and therefore is not suitable for those who would need audio for their presentations. This is not to say that its counterpart the Acer X1261P is exceptionally loud. However, it is above average considering its size where the standard is 1 watt. There is also a difference in contrast ratio between the Acer X1161P and the Acer X1261P. Surprisingly, the Acer X1161P has a higher contrast ratio than its otherwise more advanced sibling. The Acer X1161P has a contrast ratio of 4000:1, whereas the Acer X1261P has a contrast ratio of 3700:1. This isn't a huge difference by any means though - in fact, it's barely detectable. Additionally, the resolution differs between the two. The Acer X1161P has a resolution of 800x600 (SVGA), whereas the Acer X1261P has a higher resolution of 1024x768 (XGA). The Acer X1161P also is equipped with a short throw lens, allowing you to place the Acer X1161P close to the screen so that it eliminate shadows cast when standing in front of the screen, as well as saves you from being blinded by the light. The photos below were taken using the Acer X1161P's sibling, the MP780ST. With that noted, the images from the X1161P projector should look fairly similar to the one we reviewed since they have the same brightness (2700 lumens) and are very close in contrast. However, the X1161P is lower resolution, so keep that in mind.Above, the Acer X1261P projector in Standard mode. The X1161P has the same 2700 lumen brightness as its sibling, so the images should be very much alike. So why buy the Acer X1161P? For one, it is quite inexpensive. It is an entry level projector that will meet basic presentation needs and has great longevity when it comes to its battery life. With a low cost of operation, the price makes the Acer X1161P even more appealing. It is simpler and more affordable, especially for schools looking for technology that will not put a large dent in the budget. The short throw lens is convenient for classroom or business presentations, and while the X1161P is low resolution (SVGA), it should get the job done. But if you're buying for the classroom and are concerned about maintenance costs, like if you don't have a budget to be paying for repairs, you might want to consider a projector with a better warranty.

The Acer X1161P is the entry level projector of Acer's X1 Series. We compared the Acer X1161P (MSRP $349) to its more expensive and more advanced sibling, the Acer X1261P (MSRP $519), which we recently reviewed and awarded the Best in Classroom Runner-Up Award in our annual Classroom Comparison Report!

The Acer X1161P and the Acer X1261P have a few similarities. The Acer X1161P and the Acer X1261P have the same brightness at 2700 lumens which works for small to medium size presentation environments. The Acer X1161P and its sibling also both have 3D capability, provided you purchase the active glasses for it (not included). At less than five pounds, the Acer X1161P is micro portable like its counterpart. This is extremely ideal for road warriors who would be traveling frequently with the projector, especially if it needs to fit in your carry-on luggage!

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