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Benq EH600 Smart Business Projector Review – Hardware

Posted on April 27, 2020 by Phil Jones

BenQ EH600 Smart Business Projector- Hardware Tour- Overview, Lens, Control Panel, Inputs and Connectors, Menus, Remote Control


The BenQ EH600 is a very compact business projector especially considering it can produce over 3,000 lumens of brightness. When facing the unit, the projector’s lens is located on the right side of the front panel. Focus and Zoom are done manually by turning the rings located on top of the projector directly above the lens.

Also, on the top of the unit is the control panel. There is an intake vent on the left side and the exhaust vent is on the right side along with a mono speaker. All the A/V inputs and the AC power connection are located on the rear of the projector.

Dimensions are about:  11¾″ x 9” x 4 ¾“ and the chassis weighs about 5.5 pounds.


The EH600 projector’s lens has a manual zoom ring along with a focus ring are located on the top of the chassis directly above the lens. The EH600 has a 1.1:1 zoom ratio which is pretty limited, but it does provide about a foot or so of placement flexibility. The EH600 has a throw ratio of 1.49 to 1.64:1.

Throw Distance for a 16:9 Screen

Screen Size (Diagonal)Min Screen Distance (in)Max Screen Distance (in)Vertical Offset (in)
80"103.9 (2639mm)114.4 (2905mm)3.1 (80mm)
100"129.9 (3299mm)143 (3631mm)3.9 (100mm)
110"142.8 (3628mm)157.2 (3994mm)4.3 (110mm)
120"155.8 (3958mm)171.5 (4347mm)4.7 (120mm)
130"168.8 (4288mm)185.8 (4720mm)5.1 (130mm)

Throw Distance for a 16:10 Screen

Screen Size (Diagonal)Min Screen Distance (in)Max Screen Distance (in)Vertical Offset (in)
80"105.2 (2671mm)115.3 (2929mm)0
100"131.5 (3339mm)144.2 (3662mm)0
110"144.6 (3672mm)158.6 (4028mm)0
120"157.7 (4006mm)173 (4394mm)0
130"170.9 (4240mm)187.4 (4760mm)0

Throw Distance for a 4:3 Screen

Screen Size (Diagonal)Min Screen Distance (in)Max Screen Distance (in)Vertical Offset (in)
80"125.4 (3186mm)137.6 (3495mm)4.8 (122mm)
100"156.8 (3983mm)172 (4369mm)6 (152mm)
110"172.5 (4381mm)189.3 (4806mm)6.6 (168mm)
120"188 (4779mm)206.4 (5243mm)7.2 (183mm)
130"203.9 (5178mm)223.6 (5679mm)7.8 (198mm)


The EH600’s control panel is located on the top of the projector, towards the back-left corner when facing the projector’s lens. Whether the projector is place on a table or ceiling mounted, the control panel will be easily accessible.


The AC power and signal connectors for the EH600 are located on the rear panel of the projector.  There are Audio IN/OUT stereo mini jacks, a computer input, along with a single HDMI input.  The EH600 also has two USB-A inputs can be used to display content stored on a USB drive as well as a connection for the included wireless USB dongle (WDR02U). There is also a USB Type B service port and a RS232 control serial port. One connection that is missing on the EH600 is an ethernet port to connect to a wired LAN. To connect the projector to a local network or the internet, you must utilize the included wireless dongle but some users would prefer the additional reliability provided by a wire.

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