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BenQ EH600 Smart Business Projector Review - Special Features

Posted on April 27, 2020 by Phil Jones

BenQ EH600 Smart Business Projector Review-Special Features: Wireless Projection, PC-Free Presentations, Long Life Lamp


Wirelessly project images, video and documents from a computer or mobile device

We have all been in meeting rooms that had a video cable hanging down from a ceiling mounted projector. Have you ever had to move around a meeting room table because the video cable wasn’t long enough the reach the presenter’s laptop? The BenQ EH600 offers wireless projection which eliminates those types of issues.

The BenQ EH600 ships with a wireless USB dongle (WDR02U)

The EH600 ships with a wireless USB dongle (WDR02U) which is usually sold separately for $100. The dongle is installed by unscrewing the rectangular box at the back and sliding that off to reveal the Wi-Fi dongle’s input. You can also temporarily plug the dongle into one of the two available USB ports in the rear of the unit.

You can also directly connect wirelessly your laptop or mobile device by configuring the projector to act as a hotspot to create a closed network.

You can wirelessly project all sorts of content like JPEGs, PDFs, PowerPoint Presentations, and documents from a mobile device (iOS/Android) or laptop (Mac/PC). Apple iOS devices are connected wirelessly via AirPlay while Android devices utilize Google Cast.

There may be times in a meeting that you might want to zoom in on a specific area of an image, such as a map or blueprint. The EH600 also has a Digital Zoom feature which makes it simple to magnify a portion of the image on-screen up to two times.


The EH600’s Android operation system gives users the power to deliver impactful computer free presentations. You can wirelessly project a wide range of file formats such as JPEGs and PDFs stored on a USB memory stick inserted into the USB-A port located at the rear of the EH600. Content that is stored on a network drive can also be projected. The WPS Office app allows you to present Microsoft Office documents such as Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.

In addition, the EH600 has a built-in FireFox browser so the user can access websites and project the content. The projector also includes the Blizz app for computer-free video conferencing where you can share your screen with remote colleagues.

All the applications can be accessed from the launcher screen. Since the EH600 utilizes the Android OS, the projector’s user interface continues to be updated. During my time with the EH600, the projector received an over-the-air firmware update which completely changed the look of the Launcher menu. The newer version of the Launcher page was more colorful and easier to navigate.

The EH600 supports HID-Compliant Mice which makes navigating and using the features available in the WPS Office App much easier. Using the BenQ Smart Control app you can use a mobile device to navigate around the Launcher settings and built-in business apps.

All these tools ensure productive meetings and impactful presentations without the need to physically connect the EH600 to a laptop or mobile device.


While Laser light engines provide an unprecedented amount of maintenance free operation, many manufacturers are working to extend the lamp life of their lamp-based projectors. BENQ claims 15,000 hours of lamp life for the EH600 in SmartEco mode. The life rating is the point where 50% of the brightness has been lost. Based on average daily use, its rated 15,000 hours should result in several years of operation. At full power, you can expect the projector to go for around 5,000 hours.

There are four modes to adjust the brightness output of the laser light source:

  • Normal - 100% of the Lamp’s brightness
  • Economic – Lows lamp to extend life and lower noise
  • SmartEco – Automatically adjusts the lamp power based on the content brightness while optimizing image quality
  • LampSave– Automatically adjusts the lamp power based on the content brightness

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