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BenQ EH600 Smart Business Projector Review - Performance

Posted on April 27, 2020 by Phil Jones

BenQ EH600 Smart Business Projector Review – Performance: Brightness, Sound Quality, Audible Noise


BENQ EH600 has a rated brightness of 3,500 lumens. I took 3-4 readings about 15-20% out from the center of the lens which usually gives a pretty good approximation of ANSI lumens. At full wide angle I measured the EH600 in its brightest picture mode, BRIGHT, with the lamp power set to NORMAL.

Brightness at mid-zoom

Color ModeLumens
User 1-22196

At wide zoom, High-Bright mode.

BenQ EH600 Brightness: 3462 Lumens

The EH600 measured 3462 lumens which was very close to BenQ’s brightness claim. For the seven available modes, I also measured them at mid-zoom since it is common for a projector to be zoomed in a bit when installed.


The BenQ EH600 has a single, 2-watt built-in speaker that can play loud enough for use in a average classroom or meeting room. As with most built-in projector speakers, the sound quality is rather ‘thin’ due to the lack of any bass and the sound can become distorted if you turn the volume too high.

The sound quality is fine for voice narrations or background music, but less than ideal for playback of video tracks where music is important. If higher quality audio is needed, the projector has a mini jack audio outputs that can be used to BenQ to an external powered speaker system. The EH600 can also be connected via Bluetooth to an external speaker or headphones.


The fan noise produce by EH600 was on average with other compact 3,000+ lumen business projectors. The BenQ EH600 produces 29dB in Eco Mode and 33dB in Normal lamp power. I never found the fan noise from the EH600 to be distracting. In most classrooms the noise would be unnoticeable especially when the EH600 is in ECO mode.

As a side note, I did notice a large amount of light leakage coming from BenQ EH600’s front exhaust vent, but in a room with some ambient light it isn’t too distracting.

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