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BenQ EH600 Smart Business Projector Review – Summary

Posted on April 27, 2020 by Phil Jones

BenQ EH600 Smart Business Projector – Summary: Highlights, Value Proposition, Pros and Cons


The BENQ EH600 is a 3,500 lumen Full HD (1920 x1080) DLP projector with a rated lamp life of 15,000 in SmartEco mode. The EH600 delivered a clear picture with the accurate color I have come to expect from BenQ lineup of projectors.

What make this projector unique, is that BenQ advertises the EH600 as the world first Android based business projector. What makes the EH600 unique is its built-in smart features focused on business applications. You can wirelessly project documents, videos and images from a computer or mobile device.

Apps available on the EH600 include the WPS Office, so you can present Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint directly from a USB drive or the projector’s built-in storage. There is even a built-in FireFox browser so users can surf the internet during meetings. With the EH600, presenters can leave their laptops that their desk and still deliver compelling presentations.


BENQ-EH600 delivers a bright accurate image along with a long lamp life but what sets it apart from the competitive is its brains.

This year we have reviewed two smart BenQ projectors focused on the business and education market. The BenQ EW800ST which retails for $999 as well is a short throw XGA model focused at the education market. Both models share the same Android operating system with apps centered around business and education applications. These smart features provide a lot of capability such as content casting a built-in web browser, USB media player, and Bluetooth.

While there are other smart projectors on the market, EH600 apps and features are centered around the needs of a business user with apps like WPS Office instead on Netflix.

The combination of business focused smart features, Full HD resolution and 3500 lumens of brightness all for less than thousand makes the BenQ excellent solution for many meeting rooms.



  • 3,500 lumens
  • Long Lamp Life (15,000 hours in SmartEco mode)
  • High readability of text and presentation graphics
  • Built-in Android OS with internal 16Gb memory
  • Wireless display & mirroring capabilities (Mac/iOS/Android, or PC)
  • Microsoft Office documents from USB or internal memory
  • Built-in FireFox browser
  • Over-The-Air firmware updates
  • Bluetooth Audio
  • Included wireless USB dongle


  • No horizontal/vertical lens shift
  • Limited zoom range
  • No wired LAN connection

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