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BenQ HT6050 Home Theater Projector Review - Hardware Tour 2

Posted on November 17, 2016 by Art Feierman
BenQ HT6050 Projector Review - Hardware: Remote control, Menus, Lamp Life, and Lens Throw  

Backlit Remote control

I like the BenQ remote. It feels good in my medium sized hands. The backlighting comes on at the touch of any button – I really like that, since I have lots of remotes. Overall, the backlighting is reasonably bright but I might wish for a little more Still, this is better than say many Optoma remotes with their blue LEDs that are massively too bright, so bright that it makes it very hard to eyeball adjustments to the picture, because of the brightness.

Range is definitely acceptable when using the standard (or short throw) lenses and a bit better than the 8 meters (26 feet) that BenQ claims. That said, for those needing a long throw lens, depending on placement, in a larger room, the remote might – repeat – might, come up short on range, say if you are sitting 12 feet from the screen, but the projector is 40 feet back (that distance is easily doable with their lenses and say a 120” screen.

Great stuff: First, this remote offers HDMI-Link, so that you can control other devices with this remote – such as my Samsung 4K UHD Blu-ray player, or conversely, control the HT6050 from other devices that support HDMI-Link.

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HT6050 Menus

Below in this image player you will find each of the BenQ main menus, as well as as some minor ones. That said, BenQ doesn’t use a lot of sub-menus, instead favoring arrow key selection on a main menu, such as to toggle between different picture modes. With some projectors menus, you can get a sub-menu with each of the modes listed, often allowing you to jump directly to the one you want.

Overall, although I prefer more sub-menus, myself, no serious complaints over BenQ’s menu system.  Also as a reviewer, I spend far, far more time messing with menus than any typical user.

I consider the BenQ's menu structure to be better than average, with most things easy to find.

Menu images still to come

Lens Throw

Lens Throw Chart - HT6050 Standard Zoom Lens  100" drag, 16:9
Closest (Wide Angle) 11 feet 2 inches
Furthest (Telephoto) 14 feet 0 inches

We do not measure lens throw.  This data is directly from the HT6050 User manual.   As most projectors without interchangeable lenses (in this price range) tend to have 1.5:1 out to 2.1:1 zooms, those lenses have more range.  But the BenQ standard lens is in the sweet spot, with most other lenses allowing no closer than 9.75 feet and out to 15 feet (except for the 2.1:1 lenses which go out to about 20 feet with a 100" screen).

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