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BenQ HT6050 Home Theater Projector Review - Summary

Posted on November 17, 2016 by Art Feierman
BenQ HT6050 Projector Review - Summary: Summary, Pros, Cons


It doesn’t happen very often, but I usually enjoy getting in a “non-entry level” DLP projector for review. The HT6050 is certainly no exception.

Waiting for the HT6050 to arrive, I was really looking forward to it. Understanding that a number of people need a projector with lens flexibility, combined with the HT6050’s native sharpness, and its rich color handling.


BenQ's HT6050 - a bright home theater projector with interchangeable lenses, CFI, lots of inputs, 3D and more!


This BenQ is likely their best option in the under $3000 street priced projectors. Forgetting the lens options, the HT6050 still has a really good feature set, lots of inputs, really good 3D.

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That makes this a great choice for a lot more folks, those who really appreciate DLP projectors’ color handling.

My biggest disappointment with the HT6050 is the black level performance. I had expected it to be as good as the W7500 it replaces (a rather different projector) in the line-up. I do not understand why they designed the firmware so the iris only works in the brightest, and in this case, the least desirable mode, one used only when there’s a lot of ambient light present (which is exactly what negates the advantage of having a dynamic iris to begin with.   Strange.

If BenQ comes out with a firmware update, that provides a good working dynamic iris in THX and User modes, then the BenQ is headed for one of our Hot Product awards. Until then… BTW I have no reason to believe – at this time, that such an upgrade will be offered. I’m simply wishing – and I shared that wish with the folks at BenQ, of course.

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I found the BenQ to be truly excellent for sports viewing, the picture just pops with rich color and is very sharp.  Generally, HDTV for the most part is as good as sports, but if you are watching movies on HDTV, the darkest scenes will lack the really dark blacks that makes those scenes stand out, as is the case with movies from Blu-ray, etc.  If they should revise the firmware, I will take another look, and advise you all, via an update to this review, and a blog.

If you have a situation where you need other than the standard lens, BenQ's lenses are relatively affordable, making this projector one of the, or perhaps the least expensive projector around with those lens options, enhancing its value.  Otherwise, consider our points, and decide if it's the right projector for you.

HT6050 Pros

  • Bright home theater projector
    Capable of handing large screens in dedicated home theater
  • Enough brightness to handle modest ambient light
  • Excellent colors – rich, vibrant
  • Very good dark shadow detail
  • CFI “Motion Enhancer” works well for sports, etc.
  • Has MHL for streaming mobile devices…
  • Interchangeable lens options
  • Good lens shift (very good for a DLP)
  • Very low cost for a PJ with lens options
  • Well laid out menus
  • Great – 3 year warranty
  • Very good remote control, good backlight

HT6050 Cons

  • Dynamic iris does not work in Best modes, therefore
    • Black Levels could be noticeably better
  • On the pricy side if you don’t need lens options
  • Lamp life is shorter than average (less than BenQ’s less expensive models too)
    • But, it’s bright for a “theater” projector, as compared to a entertainment PJ
  • Standard lens has relatively limited zoom range, but does operate in the sweet spot in distance for most ceiling mount installs
  • Built in 3D uses DLP link (but optional emitter for RF 3D available)

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