BenQ MH733 Projector Review - Special Features

July 1, 2018

BenQ MH733 Projector Review – Special Features: Power Saving, Eco Friendly Optimization, USB Reader, QCast App Compatibility, Control System Compatibility, BenQ Multiple Display Administrator Software Compatible, Corner Fit & 2D Keystone Correction

Power Saving, Eco Friendly Optimization

BenQ’s Eco Cycle System provides optimum energy efficiency to improve your overall user experience and minimizes maintenances over the life of the MH 733. In addition to having a regular Eco Mode, SmartEco Mode and LampSave Mode adjust brightness and power on the fly so you can deliver the best possible image while maximizing the life of your projector or lamp over the long term.

In addition to the color modes, Eco Blank Mode automatically activates after 3 minutes with no source detected, saving power on your projector regularly.  Lastly, like most BenQ business projectors, auto-power off after 20 minutes is a standard feature for the MH733 in order to ensure no teacher or presenter wastes those lamp hours if for some reason the projector is left on for too long.

Using LampSave mode, BenQ claims to get about 15,000 hours of lamp life.  Of course, if one practices common sense, such as not leaving the projector on all night with no source,  that 15K number isn’t realistic.  As most projectors have “eco” solutions for no source material, the “big” number, is misleading.  Especially in a network environment where projectors are monitored, automatically shut down after hours, etc.

USB Reader

With full compatibility of most documents, PowerPoints, and images, the BenQ MH733 delivers a USB reader system that will truly make your life easy on the go, completely eliminating the need to hook your computer up and instead, just plugging in your USB drive and knowing your presentation will present seamlessly.

This was honestly the first USB Reading PC-Free projection that I’ve had much success with.  It was simple, seamless, and really I could not believe just how quickly I was able to jump from folder to folder, select my file, and start displaying whatever I needed, no conversions necessary, whether it’s PowerPoint, Excel, JPEGs, PDFs, and Word docs.  Thumbs up to BenQ for this, traveling presenters must really appreciate this.  Too many competitors offer USB readers that don’t support Microsoft Office files, instead require you to convert Powerpoint presentations to JPGs etc.  An extra step that also significantly limits flexibility.

QCast App Compatibility

Combined with the BenQ Wireless (sold separately $59-$100), the BenQ QCast App enables users to take advantage of multiple features. You can connect up to four mobile or PC devices at one time and display the screens together to optimize your meeting performance.  Presenters can seamlessly browse the internet in the midst of their presentation.  Lastly the QCast app can also function as a remote control for your MH733 when needed.

Control System Compatibility

BenQ business projectors are widely compatible with leading projector control systems including Crestron, AMX, PJ-Link, and Extron Control IP Link* for network control via LAN, making it simple to integrate into local networks. It also supports RS-232 for reliable short-distance installations up to 15 meters for situations without LAN, from a computer or other controller.

BenQ Multiple Display Administrator Software Compatible

BenQ Multiple Display Administrator (MDA) software provides centralized multiple-projector management including automated opening and closing procedures for public spaces – such as for digital signage, remotely controlled power on and off, and general scheduling.

Corner Fit & 2D Keystone Correction

2D Keystone Correction allows you to compensate for any projection angle or position. You can adjust the projected image vertically and horizontally to correct trapezoidal distortion if the projector is tilted or off center. This allows the MH733 to be placed anywhere on a u-shaped table with zero issues in order to enhance your presentation and optimize viewing.

Corner Fit adjusts each of the four corners of the projector’s image individually. It is a very convenient way to ensure any pictures or images are projecting at their optimal shape, effectively limiting distortion.  When projecting on uneven spaces or restricted within a certain frame, Corner Fit will fix your picture and provide professional results for almost all setups.

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