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BenQ MP772ST DLP Projector - Review Summary

Posted on October 4, 2013 by Art Feierman

BenQ MP772ST Projector: Bottom Line

We found the BenQ MP772ST to be a solid performer, providing a sharp image across the screen while also easily achieving its rated lumen output (see the Performance section for details).  Picture quality and color depth were adequate in most modes and readability remained quite high no matter what the input resolution.  Noise level in normal lamp mode was noticeably lower than other projectors in this class.  It’s ability to handle non-native resolutions and aspect ratios makes it adaptable to any input source and it offers advanced network control capability via its Crestron Room View compatibility.

Earlier this year, we reviewed the Hitachi CP-D10, a popular K-12 LCD short throw projector with similar specs and pricing.  Compared to the Hitachi CP-D10, the BenQ MP772ST definitely provides some advantages.  On the plus side, it’s brighter, has better contrast, full color management and excellent network control capability.  It also has much more usable built-in sound than the Hitachi.  On the minus side, the color depth and accuracy in anything but sRGB mode cannot match the Hitachi, so if your presentations are primarily video or color photos, you might be better served with the Hitachi.


Overall, the MP772ST provides a lot of value for the money.  While its short throw design can cause some hassles in initial setup compared to standard projectors, the advantages of having the projector in front of the presenter are well known.  Also, as more and more projectors are being mounted in classrooms, the setup time becomes a non-issue.  For those looking for a bright, low-priced, short throw projector, the BenQ MP772ST might be just the ticket.

The BenQ shown here, sporting its snug fitting lenscap.

BenQ MP772ST Projector: Pros, Cons, and Typical Capabilities

BenQ MP772ST Projector: Pros

  • Good brightness, easily hits its 2500 lumen rating
  • Sharp image with native resolution or higher and good uniformity across the screen
  • Lamp accessible even when ceiling mounted
  • No dust filter to keep clean
  • Lightweight – 7.7 lbs.
  • Decent audio output capability with built-in 5W ea. speakers
  • Very good networking control abilities with Crestron’s RoomView software, including email notification for maintenance and mechanical problems.

BenQ MP772ST Projector: Cons

  • No digital (HDMI or DVI) inputs
  • Takes time to set up due to the short throw and no zooming capability
  • No network display capability or wireless networking
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