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BenQ MP772ST Projector - Image Quality

Posted on October 4, 2013 by Art Feierman

BenQ MP772ST Projector - Image Quality

As usual, I connected my laptop to the MP772 ST via the analog VGA connection and fed it its native resolution (1024 x 768).  The MP772 ST provided a very clean, detailed picture.  Overall picture quality is quite good and more uniform than sometimes seen on short throw projectors.
With most of the picture modes, colors were quite accurate.  As usual, Dynamic (the brightest mode) had the worst color rendition.  With Dynamic, colors are somewhat washed out.  Reds are undersaturated and yellows tended to be too mustard-like.  However, with sRGB, which is recommended for viewing photos and computer graphics, colors were deep and rich.

Dynamic Mode
Presentation Mode
Cinema Mode
sRGB Mode

Presentation mode, which is intended as the standard operating mode, strikes a nice balance between brightness and color.  Selecting one of the User mode allows you to start with any picture mode, then fine tune the colors to your liking via BenQ’s color management system (CMS).  Other than sRGB, the depth of color is similar to most DLP projectors, that is to say a bit washed out in comparison to its LCD counterparts, but it’s still acceptable for the MP772 ST’s intended use.

Using sRGB mode, photo presentations are quite good.  With the additional adjustment afforded by the CMS, the user can fine tune colors to enhance realism.  As some cameras tend to oversaturate a particular color, adjustments can be made in the CMS to provide a more natural-looking color palette.

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