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BenQ W10000 1080p Projector Review - General Performance 7

Posted on October 7, 2006 by Art Feierman

Family Room mode - I had fun here. As noted under brightness, I switched from the Cool (color setting) to Native Lamp, then did a quick adjustment, the result was overall better color balance, but still "tweaked" to cut through ambient light. The Default color temp on Cool, was too cool at 10,348, and I was surprised that the Native Lamp mode not only increased brightness by almost 30%, but also lowered the color temp to 9270K. Further adjustments brought the color temp down a bit further, while still giving me over 900 lumens. The final settings I ended up with in this quick calibration were:

Gain R=512G=478B=458
Offset R=15G=4B=0

The other two modes I only measured brightness (found under the Brightness section) and color temperature:

Color Temperature

Photo 100IRE 8061K
Gaming 100IRE 10150K

W10000 Projector: Image Noise

Very good overall, there is the usual amount of light background noise that you can pick up in still scenes when standing close to the projector, but rarely noticeable during normal viewing. This is typical of DLP projectors.

The projector does a great job on handling potential jaggies, smooth as it gets on the flag test from the HQV disk. (Too bad, though, the 1080 version of the HQV test disk isn't out for another month or two), so the HQV tests are at 480, and are to complement visual observations from 480 an 1080 sources.

Of greater interest, the W10000 is very good on motion artifacts. it also does well most additional tests from the HQV test disk, although it does have some problems with some of the cadence tests (most projectors do, except, I guess the ones using HQV processing - funny about that).

Overall, I have see no issues with the static or motion image noise artifacts. Solid performance in this area.

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