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BenQ W10000 1080p Projector Review - Image Quality 6

Posted on July 28, 2006 by Art Feierman

BenQ W10000 Comparison

BenQ W10000
BenQ PT-AE1000U
BenQ HC5000







Note in the Gandalf images the differences in detail in his face, not just the eyes sharpness, but the texture of his nose and cheeks and detail in the hair. Enough difference exists between these images for you to easily see. Remember of course, without side-by-side comparisons, the Mitsubishi and BenQ are very similar, but with the Panasonic coming up short.

For our last pair, it's the BenQ W10000 projector against the Panasonic, again. The image in use is from Space Cowboys, another HD-DVD. The images are slighly cropped to begin with, and you may click to enlarge both. A quick note, regarding settings of the W10000: Default on sharpness is at 3, which is oversharpening. I would recommend 1. I believe the W10000 image below, like the Gandalf image above was shot at the original 3.

BenQ W10000 Comparison

BenQ W10000
Panasonic PT AE10000






I'll just toss in a couple more images for your perusal, but it's time to move on to the General Performance section of the W10000 projector review.

Note, in the image above, from The Italian Job (HD-DVD), the enlargement is cropped, so that this image can be used in the future for sharpness examples. Of particular note is the sign next to the lampost, and the details in the masonry.

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