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BenQ W10000 1080p Projector Review - General Performance 6

Posted on October 7, 2013 by Art Feierman

W10000 Projector: Measurements and Calibration

This is for those of you who plan to due more than the basics. Results will vary from projector to projector (especially since mine is a pre-production). Also your lamp will be different than mine. (Best calibration is said to be done after the lamp has 100 - 200 hours on it. This projector was measured with approximately 60 hours on the lamp. Overall, though the W10000 behaved very well and has the controls to easily dial in good results. Out of the box Cinema mode was a bit cooler than the ideal 6500K for movie watching, with white (100IRE) at 7300K. Various levels of gray were very close to the white:

80IRE 7104K
50IRE 7121K
30IRE 7122K

That's about as "tight" as you could hope for, but, as I said still too cool (blue). A quick grayscale calibration targeting 6500K, required only an adjustment of the Blue Gain to 403 from 408 (leaving all other Gain and Offsets at default) This spread out the color temperature a bit, and a little more work with the Offset would have tightened things up again, but these numbers are
very good:

100IRE  6602K
80IRE  6523K
50IRE  6485K
30IRE  6253K

Those are the settings I used for all photos from

movies in the Image Quality section (unless otherwise noted).

The Home Theater mode - more suitable for TV/HDTV/Sports, should be around 8000K, but I measured 8676K at 100IRE, not far off. I did not measure the lower IRE's nor attempt to calibrate this mode.

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