BenQ W10000 Projector Review – Warranty

BenQ’s warranty is excellent. Three years parts and labor, and if there is a problem during the first year, BenQ will swap it out for another (likely refurbished and tested) W10000.

Few manufacturers offer 3 years, and even fewer offer a first year replacement. The only brand that I can think of in the same league is Epson, with a 2 year warranty, but replacement both years. By comparison, the two projectors we have been comparing the W10000 to the most, are the Panasonic PT-AE1000U, with a one year warranty, and the Mitsubishi HC5000, with a 2 year parts and labor warranty. Our next review is the Optoma HD81, another direct competitor. Optoma provides a 2 year parts and labor warranty as well.

So bonus points go to BenQ for the longer, better warranty. (Of course, it’s still to be hoped that you won’t need it!)

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