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BenQ W600 DLP Multimedia Projector Review

Posted on October 14, 2010 by Art Feierman

Specs Preview

BenQ W600 Specs
Price 899
Technology DLP
Native Resolution 1280X720
Brightness (Manufacturer Claim) 2600
Contrast 3,000:1
Zoom Lens Ratio 1.15:1
Lens Shift No
Lamp Life 2500 hours (Normal mode), 4000 hours (Eco mode)
Weight 6 lbs
Warranty One Year

BenQ W600 Projector Highlights

  • Lightweight – 6.0 lbs.
  • Very good Brightness – 2600 lumens
  • Two HDMI inputs
  • Built-in compensation for different projection surface colors
  • Full color management allows for optimal color accuracy
  • 3-D ready

BenQ W600 Projector Overview

The BenQ W600 projector is a portable 720P (1280 X 720) DLP projector that is a bit of a hybrid.  It’s clearly aimed at home use with its 720P (rather than WXGA) resolution, but provides enough connections and features to please the business or education user that deals mainly with video presentations as well.  To that end, the W600 has two HDMI inputs and the usual S-video and composite video inputs, as well as a computer VGA input.

It also has presentation features like image blanking and freezing, password protection, projection surface color choices, a presentation timer and a built-in 2-watt speaker.  It also has features tailored for home video use, like full color management, good contrast ratio, Brilliant ColorTM and is 3-D ready.

The BenQ W600 provides very high brightness, achieving almost 3000 lumens in out tests, while maintaining a highly watchable picture.  As you’ll see below, the color accuracy in the brighter settings exceeds most of the DLP competition in the W600’s price range.

On the downside for business users, the W600 does not have any network connectors for monitoring or control from a remote computer.

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