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Canon REALiS WUX6000 Projector Review - Special Features

Posted on March 1, 2015 by Art Feierman
CANON REALiS WUX6000 PROJECTOR  SPECIAL FEATURES -Interchangeable Lenses, Mounting Flexiblity, Support for Multi-Projector Installations, System Integration

Interchangeable Lenses

For more flexibility of installation, Canon offers a total of 5 lenses to choose from, depending on your installation needs.  The standard lens , model RS-IL01ST, was one of two lenses supplied with the WUX6000 projector used for this review.  This is a medium throw zoom lens that has a throw ratio that ranges from 1.49:1 to 2.24:1 (this means the projector can be placed at a distance from the screen that equals 1.49 to 2.24 times the screen width).  Canon also supplied us with a short throw zoom lens (model RS-IL05WZ).  This lens has a throw ratio that ranges from 1.0:1 to 1.5:1.

In addition the above two zoom lenses, Canon also offers a fixed focal length (i.e., not a zoom) short throw lens, with a ratio ratio of 0.8:1,  as well as two long throw zoom lenses with throw ratios 2.19 to 3.74:1 and 3.55 to 6.94:1.

What does this mean?  It means that by choosing the appropriate lens, the projector can display a fairly large 200” wide image at projector-to-screen throw distances ranging from as close as 13.3 ft. and as far as 114.9 ft.  Now that's something no projector with a permanent, non-interchangeable, lens can accomplish.

Note that the wide-angle lens (fixed at 0.8 throw ratio) mentioned above would be what's typically used for rear projection applications (e.g., it needs only 80 inches throw distance to project a 100” wide image).

Street prices on these lenses are around $540 for the standard lens, $2200 for the fixed and long throw lenses and over $3000 for the ultra-long throw zoom lens.

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Mounting Flexibility

There are several factors that contribute to the great mounting flexibility offered by the WUX6000.  As already discussed above, the interchangeable lenses allow this projector to support a extreme wide range of projector-to-screen throw distances.  The projector also has power vertical and horizontal lens shift that offer a fairly wide adjustment range.  When using any of the available zoom lenses and with the projector placed on a table, the image can be shifted upward by a much of 55% of the image height and downward as much a 15% of the image height.  When ceiling mounted in the inverted position the directions are reversed.  The horizontal lens shift adjustment has a range of +/- 10% of the image width.  The lens shift range is much more limited when using the optional short throw fixed focal length lens.

Being an installation projector, it can be mounted at virtually only position/angle.  This capability is often needed when a projector is being used in digital signage applications or in multi-projector setups.

Support for Multi-Projector Installations

Large displays using multiple projector have become more commonplace for large commercial advertising and promotional displays.  The WUX6000 comes with the tools to create such high impact displays using multiple projectors will full support for edge bending along with color and brightness matching of adjacent images being projected by additional Canon projectors.   These features can be used to create a seamless large, very high resolution image.

System Integration

  • Built-in RJ45 port for connection with wired networks
  • Network management including AMX device discovery and Crestron connectivity
  • Networked Multi-Projections (NMPJ) - allows images to be projected from multiple computers via a network connection
  • Support for email notifications when a projector error occurs
  • Network based monitoring and control of multi-projector installations form a central computer
  • Windows and Mac OS software for monitoring and control
  • No support for wireless networking
  • Less support for making presentations from network based sources, including mobile devices, than some competing projectors

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