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CANON REALiS WUX6000 Projector Review - Hardware Tour 2

Posted on March 1, 2015 by Art Feierman
CANON REALiS WUX6000 PROJECTOR:  Hardware Tour 2 - Menus

Input Settings Menu

When the Menu button on the projector or the remote is pressed the following menu is displayed.

Canon WUX6000-Menu1-Input

The top row of 6 tabs correspond to the 6 top-level menus offered by the WUX6000.

The left-most tab is for the Input Settings menu that is shown in the above photo.  This menu lets you set the type of input signal and the projection characteristics.  In most case the factory default and auto settings will not need to be changed.

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Image Adjustment Menu

The Image Adjustment menu is accessed via the 2nd tab on the projector's top-level menu.

The top-level Image Adjustment menu is shown in the 1st gallery photo above.  The typical image (picture adjustments), such as for brightness, contrast, sharpness, etc. are found here.

The first item on this menu is for Image Mode (sometimes called picture mode or color mode by other manufacturers).  The 2nd gallery photo shows the 5 available preset Image Modes.

There is a second level menu available for Color Adjustment.  This menu is shown in the 3rd gallery photo and these adjustments allow for calibration of the color temperature/balance and grey scale of the projected image.

There is also a second level menu called Advanced that is shown in the 4th gallery photo.  This allow the user to set several items such as use of noise reduction processing.  Perhaps the most interesting item on the Advanced menu is the item for "6-axis color adjust."  This item provides access to the projector's color management system (CMS).  When this is selected the third-level menu shown in in the 5th gallery photo is displayed.  This provides the essential tools for a professional calibration of the projector.

Install Menu

The Install menu is accessed via the 3rd tab on the projector's top-level menu.

The top level of the install menu is shown in the 1st gallery photo above.  This includes the typically setup adjustments such as for the projector/screen configuration, screen aspect ratio and access to the digital keystone adjustments.  There is also an item called Professional Settings that when selected displays the menu shown in the 2nd gallery photo above.  This 2nd-level install menu includes settings that will be needed for commercial installations where the projected image from this projector will be combined with images being projected by additional projectors or for other specialized professional applications.

System Settings Menu

The System Settings menu is accessed via the 4th tab on the projector's top-level menu.

Canon WUX6000-Menu9-System

The first level System Settings menu is as shown in the photo above.  This menu provides access to settings for several items including those associated with the projector's power management as well as such things as the desired menu language.

Network Settings Menu

The Network Settings menu is accessed via the 5th tab on the projector's top-level menu.

Canon WUX6000-Menu10-Network

The top level Network Settings menu is shown in the above photo.  This menu includes not only the settings for a wired network (LAN) but also for when using PJLink, AMX or Crestron RoomView control systems.

Information Menu

The Information menu is accessed via the 6th tab on the projector's top-level menu.

Canon WUX6000-Menu11-Info

From this menu, shown in the above photo, the user can check information about the input signal characteristics and information about the projector itself.

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