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Cinetron HD700 Projector Calibration and Settings-2

Posted on October 30, 2013 by Art Feierman

Gamma settings:

The gamma controls on the HD700 allow for detailed customization. It's a slightly funky system (the clue being it offers gamma adjustment settings for the various IRE ranges, and they all default to 1.35)? (What would have been so wrong to use 0 as a default, or 1). Irregardless, these settings are what Mike came up with, and they yielded a slightly erratic gamma curve, but averaged 2.23 pretty close to the "ideal" 2.2.

Gamma adjustments add to the default gamma, which is too low with any preset (1.65 on Gamma 1 to 1.95 on Gamma 4).  There is a huge dip in gamma at 90 IRE which is followed by a big increase in color temp at 100 IRE as the lamp runs out of Red.

All that basically means, all four defaults are a bit too bright in the midranges, compared to dark or bright areas. Gamma 4 can do in a pinch, it's pretty good, especially for sports.

Cinetron HD700 RGB Settings

These are the adjustments we made to Red, Green and Blue for the grayscale balance of Theater mode.
Color Temp on User 1, Gamma on User 1, Color set to 43, Hue set to 1, all other settings on default or as previously stated.

Default settings for Gain and Bias is 128.

Gain R 144
G 128
B 114
Bias R 132
G 120
B 125

he final yield - Caibrated Theater mode:                                                         Lumens at 100 IRE:                        864 @ 7193K

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