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Cinetron HD700 - Projector Screens & Competitors

Posted on October 8, 2013 by Art Feierman

General Screen Recommendations:

The HD700 cries out for a gray surfaced screen. I was especially pleased with how well it paired with my Firehawk G3 (128" diagonal), which is a high contrast gray screen. By comparison, I wasn't nearly as satisfied watching in the testing room on a 1.4 gain Carada Brilliant White (106" diagonal). With that screen the image was really bright, but black levels, weren't very! Letterboxes were a rather noticeable medium dark gray it seemed.

I'm sure some of you, who are less concerned about dark black levels could be happy pairing the Cinetron projector with a bright white surface screen, especially in a situation where maximum brightness is essential. (Like a 160 inch screen!)

That keeps things pretty simple. Go for the gray, high contrast too. Unless your screen is gigantic, and your ambient light comes from the back in line with the projector (in which case HC gray screens can't help "reject" ambient lighting).

I'll tell you, pairing the Cinetron HD700 with a 100 - 110 inch diagonal HC gray scrern should prove to provide a pretty fine image! That's my recommendation, your specific circumstances not withstanding.

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