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Cinetron HD700 Projector Calibration and Settings

Posted on October 8, 2013 by Art Feierman

Cinetron HD700 Projector Calibration and Settings

We calibrate each home theater that is reviewed. The Cinetron HD700 calibration we did is typical. We calibrate basic settings like Brightness Contrast, Color Saturation, and also calibrate the color temperature, to as close as we can to the targeted 6500K. What we don't do, is calibrate the individual colors for hue and saturation. That further perfects the color, and many pro calibrators do that as part of their service.

This page has not been completed - it should be updated shortly.

Cinetron HD700 Color Temperature

Let's start with the basics. First, here are each of the modes, showing their "out of the box" measured color temperature for white.

Lumen Output and Color Temp at 100 IRE (mid zoom):

Dynamic 961 @ 8071K
Standard 879 @ 7983K
Theater 868 @ 7313K
User 1,2,3 890 @ 7327K

Thanks to Color 1's defaults, it does produce very good color accuracy, even without calibration, but Mike's calibration further improved the picture. Color 2 has that larger gamut.

Here are the color temperature measurements Theater mode, first with Color Temp set to Medium and then with it set to Low.

Color Temp over IRE Range (Pre calibration):

Theater Theater with Low color temp
30 IRE 7134K  6044K
50 IRE 7337K 6246K
80 IR 7374K 6373K
100 IRE 7313K 6328K

At first glance, it looks like just changing the Color Temp from Medium to Low improves things by getting the projector a whole lot closer to the ideal 6500K. That said, the picture is very red in the dark areas, and is definitely not as watchable as the cooler Medium color temp setting. No matter, our calibration worked wonders, with much improved tracking of 6500K than either of these could handle.

Cinetron HD700 Basic Settings

In addition to calibrating Red Green and Blue for a correct grayscale balance (6500K), there are a number of other settings that come into play. Typically Contrast and Brightness (white balance and black balance), need to be done first. Color saturation and gamma also need adjustment.

Dynamic Standard Theater User 1,2,3
Contrast = (50) (50) (50) 52 (50)
Brightness = (50) (50) (50) 57 (50)
Color = (60) (55) (45) (50)
Tint = (0) (0) (0) (0)
Color Temp = (Med. High) (Med. High)


Gamma = (3) (3) (1) 4 (3)

Lamp Mode=High (unless noted otherwise) Lens aperture fully open All other settings at default (untouched) Zoom set at mid-point for all measurements To get the very most out of the HD700, our numbers should improve the overall color accuracy and picture quality, rather nicely.

Cinetron HD700 Post Calibration Grayscale

After calibration, Theater mode looked like this, with our User defined color temp:

Color Temp over IRE Range (Post calibration):

20 IRE 6276K
30 IRE 6459K
40 IRE 6457K
50 IRE 6612K
60 IRE 6612K
70 IRE 6499K
80 IRE 6507K
90 IRE 6424K
100 IRE 7193K

As you can see, that cool white is still there, but that's not a big negative. I think it contributes to the projectors dynamic look and feel. The very dark near blacks still are slightly warm, but much, much improved, and now very hard to spot during normal viewing of darker scenes.

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