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JVC DLA-X95R and DLA-X75R vs. Sony VPL-VW95ES

Posted on December 31, 2013 by 
A brief comparison of the JVC DLA-X95R/X75R and Sony VPL-VW95ES projectors.

Comparing the JVC DLA-X95R/X75R and Sony VPL-VW95ES

The battle of the 95′s (JVC DLA-X95R vs. Sony VPL-VW95ES) is interesting, but considering the DLA-X95R is twice the price of the Sony, we should include the DLA-X75R in this discussion.  The X75R is just under $8000 so at least in the same ball park as the Sony projector. While we did not look at the X75R this year, I have had the opportunity to view JVC’s standard top of the line vs. its hand picked flagship in previous years.  I expect to see the same difference.  The X95R’s optics, I expect to be a touch “clearer” or so it seemed in the past.  The term I like to use is, that the hand picked optics offer a touch more clarity.  I found that to be pretty exceptional in the past.  I would expect the X75R in this regard to be more like the Sony, than the X95R would.

The Projectors

The JVC DLA-X95R and X75R

Below, we will discuss how these projector compares to the Sony VPL-VW95ES.

The Sony VPL-VW95ES

Below, we will discuss how this projector compares to the JVC DLA-X95R and X75R.

Comparing Image Quality

NOTE: We don't have any pictures to compare these two projectors side-by-side--they were reviewed at different times. Sorry!

In the slider above, though, are a couple shots of the same images from both projectors. The first image in each pair is from the JVC X95R, and the second is from the Sony. Check out the individual reviews (JVC DLA-X95R and Sony VPL-VW95ES) to see their images separately.

JVC DLA-X75R vs. the Sony: Which one?

So, let’s start with: is the DLA-X75R worth the extra $2000 over the VW95ES? I think it will have enough appeal to some purists to be worth the difference.  After all, why have dynamic iris based black levels when you can have the real thing – true native contrast, and that’s a battle both JVCs win.  Oh, the VW95ES can give you a black level just as dark, but the dynamic range is lower, so that on darker scenes with small bright areas, those bright areas get dimmed a bit along with the blacks.  Not so with the JVCs.  They inherently have a bit more range.  This really only comes into play in that the blacks are blacker on medium and bright scenes, where that’s good, but far less critical, especially since the Sony is pretty good at what it does. These projectors are about equally endowed with features, such as power lenses with Lens Memory. They all calibrate well. I really liked the naturalness of the Sony’s skin tones, I’ll give it the slight nod there.  Better still, it’s about 10% brighter calibrated and in “brightest” mode, and has still an additional 10% more lumens with a bit lower quality color balance.

JVC DLA-X75R vs. the Sony: Comparing Detail Enhancement

The JVC's have a detail enhancement feature called e-shift2. While it may not be true 4K, it is an excellent detail enhancement solution, as long as not overused (true for all). The VW95ES is a bit older, and lacks the current Reality Creation detail enhancement found on Sony’s less expensive HW50ES.  Bottom line on that – the JVC’s is the better. That said, some folks who inherently believe in those natural blacks, are the type that won’t go for fancy dynamic image enhancement. Still, I like such abilities – more than say, CFI. I count e-shift2 to be an advantage for the JVCs over the Sony VW95ES.

JVC DLA-X75R vs. the Sony: Comparing 3D

Neither projector has a lot of juice for 3D, so most would consider 3D to be a compromise, given that the Sony VW95ES should prove to be the brighter of the two.

JVC DLA-X75R vs. the Sony: The Rest

Placement wise, the 95ES has a 1.6:1 vs. the JVC’s 2:1. On the other hand, the Sony’s smooth curves definitely make it the prettier piece of hardware, for those who care about such things. So, I’ll say choose your poison, VW95ES or X75R, whichever sounds better to for you.

Now... the JVC DLA-X95R vs. the Sony?

And that brings us to the DLA-X95R. Is it worth 50% more than the X75R, and double the Sony?  That’s just a matter of desire for the best projector, and having the where-with-all, to pay a lot extra for a much smaller improvement in picture quality.  The X95R is a fairly tough rationalization, if your budget is such that you need to scrimp on your screen to afford the difference.  If you are putting a projector in to a $50,000 home theater room, then, sure, you can afford it and there is a difference, or rather I believe there will be that same extra touch of clarity that so impressed me when comparing the predecessors of these two JVCs.

Comparing Warranties

Although the DLA-X95R has a three year warranty as does the Sony VW95ES, the X75R comes with only two years parts and labor.


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The Bottom Line

Price no object, or if the (the “95″s) cost the same, I would recommend the JVC X95 to you, but, at half the price, the Sony, to my taste is definitely the better value.  I’m less sure about the X75R vs. the VW95ES.

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