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Dell Advanced Projector: P519HL Laser Projector Review – Picture and Sound Quality

Dell Advanced Projector P519HL Projector Review – Picture and Sound Quality: Color Modes, Video Image Quality, Text and Presentation Image Quality, Audio Quality

Color Modes

The Dell Advanced Projector P519HL has only four preset color modes, and one User Mode. Those preset modes are Bright, Presentation, Movie, and sRGB. I was really impressed by the color of this projector! Even Bright Mode, which is typically a ghastly mode only to be used in the most dire of ambient light circumstances, is useable for when you don’t have total control over your room’s lighting conditions. It does have stronger greens and yellows, of course, but those greens and yellows are nowhere near as awful as they are on some other projectors.

Presentation Mode has a significantly cooler tone than any of the others, and looks particularly good when projecting websites, presentation slides, infographics, and other graphic-type images. I favor a cooler tone when projecting whites, as it makes the white look more true to color, rather than having a light orange glow. The two other modes, Movie and sRGB, are the best modes – and they have similar color. I personally really liked the vibrancy of sRGB. Movie looks pretty much the same in terms of color, but the colors are more desaturated

Video Image Quality

So good. I’d expect as much from a 1080p projector. The Dell’s image is crisp and clear on videos – so much so that you could even use this projector in your living room or home theater. It’s a great price for a home entertainment laser projector – alas, it is not. But I digress. I found the image quality on this projector to be stellar for business and education applications. The image is sharp, the color excellent, and I really couldn’t be more thrilled with my findings. All of the images in the slider above were taken in sRGB, but videos such as these would also do really well in Movie Mode.

Text and Presentation Quality

This Dell is sharp as can be, thanks to its 1080p (1920 x 1080) resolution and laser light engine! I find that projectors that feature a laser light engine typically handle text really well. That is, the text looks sharp, ultra-readable, and doesn’t have any pixel noise around the letters themselves. This isn’t always an issue with projectors – usually you’d see this only at the lower resolutions – but 1080p and a laser light engine are a killer combination when it comes to presentations.

Text on the P519HL is super readable, at all sizes! Even 8-point font is crystal clear. 10-point font is more readable, and 12-point looks downright excellent. In the slider above, I have a variety of images that show several different font sizes. Across the board – whether projecting small font on infographics, typical 12-point on websites and documents, or larger fonts featured on presentation slides – the Dell Advanced Projector P519HL performs admirably. All of the images in the slider above were taken in Presentation Mode.

Audio Quality

The Dell P519HL has two 10-watt speakers built in. The sound is pretty robust for onboard speakers, and I was sufficiently satisfied with both the volume and quality of the sound. The sound will easily fill a typical K-12 classroom, and even the larger classrooms of high school and higher education. The speakers are also well-suited for medium-large conference rooms and boardrooms.

For the truly large venues, such as lecture halls, museums, houses of worship, etc., you’ll want to hook this projector up to an external sound system. Nearly all large venues such as these will already have a sound system in place. If your venue is building itself up, make sure to research external speaker systems to get the right one for your environment – you’ll definitely want one!

That does it for our discussion of the picture and sound quality! It’s time to talk performance. See you on the next page!