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Dell Advanced Projector: P519HL Laser Projector Review – Special Features

Dell Advanced Projector: P519HL Laser Projector Review – Special Features: Split Screen, Perks of a Laser Light Engine, Multiple Ways to View and Display Content

Split Screen

The Dell Advanced Projector P519HL has support for Split Screen. This is highly useful in presentations where two ideas are being offered, or compared. It alleviates the issue of needing to toggle back and forth between images or documents, allowing them to be projected side by side. In conference room or board room applications, the split screen option works extremely well for conference calls, when using a program such as Skype or Zoom, so that the entire room can join in on the conversation.

Perks of a Laser Light Engine

There are some major pluses to choosing a projector that has a laser light engine over one that operates through use of a lamp. The first was discussed on the previous page, but I think it’s worth mentioning again. This projector has a rated light engine life of up to 20,000 hours, which provides around a decade of heavy use. Talk about return on investment!

True, you’ll be paying a higher up-front cost for a laser projector, but the cost evens out over time when you consider that in the same ten year period, a lamp based projector make need to have its lamp changed up to six times. Add in the cost of having someone switch out that lamp for you, and you may even end up paying more over time than you would on your initial investment if you were to opt for that laser light engine.

The P519HL’s light engine will last a long time, of course, but will it maintain its good color for the duration of its lifespan? The answer varies from projector to projector, but in the case of projectors with laser light engines, you can generally expect to see steady color and brightness, with slight shifting starting at around the halfway or later mark of its lifespan. This happens with lamp based projectors, too, but in their case, the color shift and dimming after about one thousand hours or so, give or take.

Multiple Ways to View and Display Content

The Dell Advanced Projector P519HL features multiple ways to project images and view content, aside from the usual source + HDMI. The projector has a multimedia viewer, which is an on-board media player that allows you to project images, video, and play audio files. It also has an Office Viewer – a major plus. This means the projector accepts Microsoft Office files like Word Documents, Excel Documents, PDFs, and PowerPoint Presentations.

Projectors that do not have this function often have workarounds, such as creating JPGs of the documents you want to project, or exporting your PowerPoint Presentation as ordered JPGs. The integrated Office Viewer allows you to skip that extra step and project your Microsoft Office Documents with ease, streamlining your presentations.

You can use USB to view and display content, or use your local area network to project content. There’s even the option of wireless networking, using an optional – not included – dongle (WD518). This allows you to project from your laptop or desktop, eliminating the need for the computer to positioned close to the projector. In many cases, this gives the presenter more freedom of movement.