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Projector Screen Review: Elite CineTension Matte White Motorized Projector Screen, with remote controls: Overview 3

Posted on January 25, 2007 by Art Feierman
01/25/2007 -Art Feierman

Elite Cinetension Projector Screen: Remotes, Power, etc.

First of all, the Cinetension projector screen is a "plug and play" it comes with a standard AC cord for those that just want to hang it and use it, and not run the power through the walls. (Of course you can, if that is your plan.) There is also a small box that is the receiver for both the IR and RF remote controls (use whichever works best for you). You'll have to figure out where you want to put that. IR and RF receiver for the Cinetension remotes are shown in slider.

There is also a wall mount to control the projector screen (up, down, stop) I decided not to use that in my room, relying instead on the RF remote.


If you want to use the IR remote, you'll have to make the small box visible so the line of sight IR transmitter in the remote can reach the receiver's sensor. If you want to hide the box, you will be best served with the RF remote, since it doesn't require line of site. You don't have to choose only one, however, both are active at the same time.

BTW, both remotes look essentially the same.  RF remote control is shown in slider.

I should note that the manual very cleverly, provides the IR codes, for those of you programming a room controller or multi-function learning remote.

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