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Epson MovieMate 60 Projector Review-2

Posted on December 22, 2009 by Art Feierman
That is because this Epson MovieMate 60 is a relatively low cost, highly portable, all-in-one system. While it easily delivers a good value proposition, it is a long way from being an enthusiast's projector. It's not high enough resolution, nor is its image quality performance sufficiently stellar. That said, for less than $700, you've got a fully functional system - just add a white wall or screen, a power outlet, and a movie on DVD, and you're ready to rumble.

The MovieMate 60 is veratile as well. Not only can you watch from the built in DVD player, but you can hook up a number of different devices. As I've been using the MovieMate 60, I've watched Blu-ray movies from my Sony PS3, watched standard DVD movies from the internal player, I've hooked up my satellite receiver to it as well, and finally, I've even viewed some photos on it, by simply removing the SD card from one of my digital cameras, and interfacing it via the USB port. It's all too easy!

Epson MovieMate 60 Special Features

Projector Lamp Life

The Epson MovieMate 60 offers the single longest lamp life, I can ever remember seeing for a front projection unit. Of course the one or two high priced LED light source projectors will last longer, but 4000 hours with lamp at full power, and 5000 hours in low power, is sensational. The lamp cost is about the lowest around, as well - only $159! That's only something like $0.07 for a two hour movie. That's probably less cost for the lamp than for the cost of the electricity! In other words, the lamp cost is not of great consequence. And certainly not compared to any other projector product around.

Doubles as a Widescreen Business Projector

The MovieMate 60 probably isn't your first choice as a portable business projector. It weighs in at just over nine pounds. Remember though, it's got a built in DVD player if that helps with your presentation, and rather hefty sound capability compared to almost any lightweight portable business projector. Hey, it even has a carry handle, something a lot more biz projectors could use.

The only real downside as a business projector, is the resosolution which is a little below XGA, and a step down from WXGA. It's not going to be great projecting spreadsheets with lots of tiny text and numbers, but will do just fine with nice Powerpoint type presentations.

In other words, it will work in a pinch, and if that tax write-off as a business projector should happen to you some bucks, well, that works out well for you.

That's right, it's not a projector, it's a full system, let's call it a Home Theater Projector In a Box: HTPIB. Well, whatever you call it, the MovieMate 60 has built in DVD, and a USB connection for photo input, plus enough other inputs to hook up whatever you have to. Interestingly, though, it lacks an S-video. S-video is often an easy way to hook up a Nintendo, for example. That's OK, there are other ways. The MovieMate 60 also offers an audio out with a digital coax output. Perfect if you have a DVD playing and a surround sound system you would like to play it through.

The system rocks pretty well. In my office/testing room/theater 2, it can easily reach defening levels, with a warm sound and lots of mid-range. It's thin on bass, but what can you expect from a complete system smaller than almost any mini sub-woofer.

USB Input

Use a typical low cost USB memory card adapter, and plug in an SD card or whatever your digital camera uses. The MovieMate 60 will allow you to view the images, using a basic folder navigation system, and a slideshow player. Not overly fancy, but definitely functional.

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