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MovieMate 60 Projector: Pros

Posted on October 12, 2009 by Art Feierman
  • Very bright all-in-one projector, in both best, and brightest modes, able to handle a fair amount of ambient light or a very large screen
  • A true all-in-one projector - DVD, Audio, and inputs for many other sources including TV/HDTV and photos
  • Easy to use, simple to set up.
  • Good color, both on movies/TV/HDTV and also when viewing photos
  • Truly excellent warranty 2 years with replacement program both years
  • Reasonably good quality sound from a pair of internal 10 watt speakers, and plenty of room filling volume
  • Audio out for when you can plug into a larger sound system
  • Mic input - karaoke? Or just fun for a party
  • Very good documentation
  • Exceptional lamp life, and very low lamp replacement cost ($149) equals extremely low cost of operation - and Energy Star compliant

MovieMate 60 Projector: Cons

  • Mediocre black level performance, not designed for a dedicated home theater
  • Noisier than most projectors (although fine for this type of product)
  • Resolution could be higher, but then this is as good a resolution as you will get at this price point, and its sure a lot higher res than your old Sony Trinitron
  • Optional mini sub-woofer would have been a nice option
  • Remote is not backlit
  • Documentation, while very good, is on disc (or online), no manual

MovieMate 60 Projector: Typical Capabilities

  • Placement flexibility (compared to all-in-one projectors)
  • Remote control

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